How to start a wellness program in YOUR company in 5 easy steps (February)

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Wednesday, February 21 · 4 - 4:30pm EST



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  • 30 minutes
  • Mobile eTicket

How to start a wellness program in YOUR company in 5 easy steps

Join your hosts Dawn McGee and Debbie Bellenger for this transformative workshop, designed to empower you with the tools and insights needed to kickstart a culture of well-being within your workplace.

In this interactive session, we'll discuss the essential steps to initiate and implement a successful wellness program tailored specifically to your company's needs. Our expert facilitators will guide you through a comprehensive roadmap, and you will walk away with the steps to do the following:

Assess Your Company's Needs:
Learn how to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your company's current well-being landscape. Understand the unique needs and challenges faced by your employees.

Let JDog Junk Removal & Hauling of Merrimack, NH Clear the Clutter

Donating Old Toys & Other Items

Clear the Clutter for the New Year

Raise your hand if your house is full of toys. This time of year, a lot of items can accumulate around your home. What better way to start the new year fresh than to clear the clutter before it takes over each room. Here are some options for donating old toys and other items to put them to better use.

Donating Old Toys & Other Items

A season of gift-giving can lead to a house full of stuff. From items on your list to White Elephant gifts, it’s can start to pile up. Not everyone gets rid of the old to make space for the new. Typically, items get stored in the garage, attic, or basement. Entire storage units get packed with items you may use someday, plan to pass down to future generations, or just don’t want to part with yet. It’s easy to add to the collection, close the door, and plan to declutter later. Later may take years while more stuff piles up. Here’s your sign to start decluttering now.

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