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What will you get in the program:

  • Getting a realistic cost of college in the search process
  • Understanding chances for merit and need-based aid
  • Understanding affordability for your situation
  • Avoiding the gotchas(!) in the twists and turns of financial aid
  • Help in filling out the financial aid forms
  • Understanding which college gave you the best offer and what the college will truly cost
  • Understanding how to ask for more aid
  • Understanding the various payment options and how to determine which is right for you

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Specifically, what you get help with:

 What is it? Individualized, fully customized 1:1 advice, where we do most of the work for or with you. We handle the research, the analysis, and develop strategies fully tailored to your student and family.

We are Sharon Narbonne Real Estate

With over two decades of unwavering commitment and expertise in the real estate industry, Sharon Narbonne stands as a distinguished and trusted Realtor. Throughout her illustrious career, she has continually exemplified the utmost professionalism, integrity, and dedication to serving [his/her] clients with excellence.

As a seasoned Realtor, Sharon possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that transcends mere transactions. She understands that real estate is not merely about buying or selling properties; it's about helping individuals and families achieve their dreams, build wealth, and create lasting legacies.

With a keen eye for market trends, Sharon has adeptly navigated the ever-evolving real estate landscape, consistently delivering outstanding results for [his/her] clients. Her strategic insights, coupled with her unmatched negotiation skills, have earned her a stellar reputation as a top performer in the industry.

El Potro Mexican Bar & Grill Wants to Celebrate With You

We love to have a good time at El Potro, so we invite you to come to us for your celebrations! We offer:

  • Private Events: Our restaurant can accommodate large parties or be rented out for company lunches or private events with advance notice. Call 617-466-0007 {Chelsea} 617-666-4200 {Somerville} 978-455-2840 {Lowell} or 781-605-3120 {Malden} for reservations.

  • Catering: We offer large order takeout for your at-home events and get togethers. Great for Mexican-themed parties! Just give us a call 617-466-0007 {Chelsea} 617-666-4200 {Somerville} 978-455-2840 {Lowell} or 781-605-3120 {Malden} for reservations.

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before a Home Renovation


Getting ready for a home renovation is an exciting time. Today, more homeowners are investing in their homes to fall in love with the space they live in. According to Architectural Digest, homeowners spent more than $472 billion on home renovations in 2022. However, before you embark on your journey, it's important to remember a few things. For example, you want to hire the contractors you need, like countertop contractors for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Here are five things to keep in mind before beginning your home improvement projects.


1. Know Your Goals

Everyone has a reason behind a home renovation. Perhaps you want to hire countertop contractors to increase property value and flip your outdated kitchen. You can complete a home renovation to enjoy your space more. Whatever the case, knowing your goals before you embark on your renovation is essential to ensure you achieve them.



In the 21st Century, where you are more likely to interact with computers than people, Attorney Darlene M. Daniele and her staff take pride in their personal approach to the practice of law. While utilizing all of the latest technology the firm respects its clients and values the personal service the firm provides. We are also concerned with the environment, and are 85-90% paperless. The vast majority of legal matters are stressful for clients, and we work hard to minimize the cleints' anxiety while handling their legal matters in a professional and honest matter.

Attorney Darlene M. Daniele, a graduate of Suffolk University Law School, has been practicing law since 1985. Licensed as an attorney in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Attorney Daniele's office is conveniently located on Stiles Road, in Salem, New Hampshire, off Interstate 93 Exit 2.

Attorney Daniele practices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the areas of bankruptcy and social security 

Law Office of Darlene Daniele | 56 Stiles Road, Suite 103B Salem, NH 03079 | 

Upgrade Your Home's AC


When it comes to staying cool, our cooling services have got you covered! At New Era, we offer a range of reliable and efficient solutions to keep you comfortable in the heat. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the best service, every time! With our help, you can beat the heat and enjoy a refreshing and cool environment all summer long. Experience the difference of our cooling services today! 

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Estate Sale Solutions For Businesses, Rentals & Professionals


When the term “estate sale” is mentioned, the traditional mental picture often involves individuals shopping for their homes—browsing through antique furniture, vintage decor, and more. However, the scope of estate sales extends far beyond just personal home shopping. Estate sales offer a treasure trove of opportunities for those looking to purchase items in bulk and in a timely manner, from rental properties to office spaces and beyond.