Meet Derek Pollitt of GHIA Healthy Solutions


Derek Pollitt has personally experienced and observed people of all ages and in various professions lose sight of the importance of their health.

"While careers provide us stability and comfort, they also require long hours disallowing us from putting our personal wellness first.

To help me with my mission to change this , I've created GHIA Healthy Solutions over a decade ago and became a certified health coach in 2020.

We are a health and wellness education company that creates awareness, provides coaching, and introduces our clients to some of the best health products on the market."



DIY Lowell is NOW HIRING for a new Executive Director Position!


This is a new position with the opportunity to help our small organization grow and become sustainable. The Executive Director will assume leadership of the organization and will focus on program facilitation, fundraising and finance, outreach, and strategic planning.

DIY Lowell is currently seeking a highly motivated and passionate individual to join our team as our first Executive Director! DIY Lowell is a vibrant community-led initiative that empowers residents to create positive change in Lowell, Massachusetts. The Executive Director will have the unique opportunity to lead and shape the organization, working closely with volunteers, community stakeholders, and partner organizations to foster a strong sense of civic engagement and community development. The Executive Director will assume leadership of the organization and will focus on program facilitation, fundraising and finance, outreach, and strategic planning. 

Meet Maria Murphy of PureHaven


Maria Murphy is a clean product consultant with Pure Haven. She is  passionate about educating consumers about how to make better choices for their skin, home, children and pets. The products Maria offers are 100% free of toxins. guaranteed. 

Maria makes it easy for you to choose clean beauty, personal care for your family + home cleaning products that are organic, 100% toxin free! Glowing hair + skin + a sparkling home. 

"At Pure Haven, we believe the one thing that should never be compromised is the health and happiness of you and your family. And that’s why our mission is to educate consumers about pure, safe, alternative choices that are easy to add to your daily routine. We want to empower you to live the healthiest lifestyle possible."

Find out more by contacting Maria

Meet Tim Peters, The Cabinet Guy


Tim Peters is a Kitchen Designer & Licensed General Contractor, located in Dracut MA, with over 25 years experience in kitchen remodels. Tim loves helping clients get a good deal on cabinets and truly cares about your remodel projects. Tim creates quality top grade lumber cabinets using dovetail construction which guarantees a secure, strong, long-lasting cabinet. Ready to remodel or upgrade? Time will bring the showroom to you! 

Visit for a photo gallery of inspiration and contact Tim to get your project started! 

Phone: 978-596-8753 | [email protected]


Healing Power of Flowers Weight Loss Program


Are you ready to take control of your weight and your life once and for all? Look no further than our New Weight Management Program! Starting 1/20, join us for 5 powerful Live Sat. Zooms and unlock the secrets to breaking free from sugar cravings and old habits that have been holding you back.

It's time to say goodbye to feeling unhappy and unhealthy. Together, we'll tap into the power of cutting-edge neurotechnology to easily reprogram your mind and body for success. We'll teach you how to change those programs, feelings, and habits that have been controlling your weight and your life.

Imagine a life where you're in control of your health, your weight, and your New Year's resolutions. No more feeling stuck in the same place as last year. This is your chance to take control of your destiny with our cutting-edge neurotechnology and mind-body-spirit optimal reprogramming. Join Now

Meet Shawn Gregoire of Heavnly Dogs and Catering


Shawn Gregoire and his wife Jodi of Heavnly Dogs and Catering began selling hot dogs and sausages with peppers and onions on the Town Common and at Heart Pond in July of 2019. They've since added other menu items and expanded their locations. 

Shawn enjoys talking with customers and hearing the stories and seeing happy kids when their parents buy them a hot dog. Jodi enjoys being outside with the cart and coming up with ideas for how they can expand. 

When not around town or at fairs, the vending cart is also available for Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, After Wedding Parties! 

Check them out. Ask about their menu and have some fun at the Hot Dog Cart relaxing with your family and enjoying great food

Meet Jack Wang, Wealth Advisor


Jack Wang is an expert in helping families pay for plan for college. Much of his works is with middle school and high school age students to help them lower the cost of college without "breaking the bank". He's helped hundreds of families and students (including his own 2 children) understand financial aid, student loan options, and payment strategies in context of overall family finances.

- College Financial Aid Planning - How to lower cost of college? How to maximize aid? How to pay the bill without going broke?
- Managing student debt - How to pay off student debt? What are the best strategies? And which should be the priority - save or pay down debt?

Jack studied finance at the University of Texas at Austin and started in the banking industry where he spent 12 years as a commercial banker. He also was a corporate trainer for 10 years before starting his own firm.