Meet Steve Labbe of Paradigm Plumbing Heating & A/C


Steve Labbe, owner of Paradigm Plumbing Heating & A/C Hooksett, NH, takes pleasure in creating systems while helping people–that is exactly why he loves providing plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services as a profession.

Starting out in the industry in 1985, he was certain that people truly value a company they can trust. Steve describes Paradigm as “up and coming,” believing his company should be held to the highest standard. Although Paradigm is legally a “newer” company, Steve has over 35 years of experience in the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning industry.  Paradigm specialize in complete residential and commercial plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services–from new construction and remodeling to service, repairs, and maintenance. 

"Our motto “Experience the Paradigm Shift” is coined to develop an industry shift to the ideology of a plumbing, heating or air conditioning contractor who provides the best quality customer service." 

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Merrimack, NH is Hiring!


JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Merrimack, NH is Hiring! Looking for Team Leaders with clean driving records able to drive a F250, will train them on towing a trailer, able to lift up to 70 pounds and be physically fit & enthusiastic. As a Driver & Team Lead you will be the point of contact for clients on the job. Must be professional and friendly, as happy customers turn into referrals to their friends and families, meaning more work. Call John at 603-377-6534 for more information on how to apply.

A military veteran owned and operated national franchise business providing professional junk removal and hauling service done the military way with Respect, Integrity, and Trust.

Spiritual Mentoring Certificate Program

Some people feel a call to spiritual mentoring (also called spiritual direction or spiritual companioning) as a vocation. The skills of deep listening, holding space, and becoming comfortable discussing spirituality across faith differences can be useful for folks in all walks of life, especially those in the helping professions.

For more info on Reverend Carrie Ives and this program go to

Registration closes October 1.

There will be an informational session Wednesday, September 29, at 7pm ET on zoom.

For all the logistical details, please visit:

Windham Pilates Studio - Workshop Series: STOTT Pilates Reformer with Amy



Introducing our newest Workshop Series: STOTT Pilates Reformer with Amy. Every Friday at 1:00PM during the month of August, Amy will be teaching a workshop on the STOTT Pilates Reformer.

Each session will target a different area of the body and will give individuals a chance to explore the benefits of Pilates.

To reserve your spot, visit

Workshop 1: Spine Health, Gaining Mobility with Movements of the Spine
Workshop 2: Hip Stability for Golfers
Workshop 3: Shoulder Health (Improving Posture)
Workshop 4: Stretching & Releasing Tightness for WFH Employees

- 5 Spots Available ($35 Each, $140 For All 4 Sessions)
- In-Person, 60 Minute Workshop
- No prior experience necessary

The Lasting Impact of Covid-19 on the Property Market.


The Lasting Impact of Covid-19 on the Property Market.


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented change to the lives of everyone across the globe. From spending the best part of 18 months indoors, to restricted socialising and a general limited way of living, the pandemic has impacted us in extreme and various ways. In amongst the disastrous outcome of the pandemic (countless deaths, border closure, economic turmoil and political upheaval), there has been crisis on a smaller yet unimaginable scale.  The significant loss throughout financial markets occurred due to lows in consumer sentiment, and due to the stay-at-home restrictions, business closures and financial hardship, the property market began to suffer.

DIY Lowell Is Looking For A Few Great People For Their 2021 Street Team!


DIY Lowell is looking for a few great people for our 2021 street team! This is perfect for older/experienced high school students, college students, or adults. We thought you might know a person who would be a good fit.

Every year, we assemble a street team to spread the word about DIY Lowell and gather the community's ideas for small-scale projects and events. This is the perfect position for someone who wants to get out in the community, meet new people, and pick up a few extra hours. The position lasts two months, starting August 2, 2021.

Primary responsibilities include using social media, tabling at events, flyering, and speaking to small groups. Second language skills are a huge plus.  Please see the job description attached.


21 Day Reset Program With Dawn McGee, Nutrition Evangelist


I'm super excited about a new partnership that I entered into this month. We just kicked off a pilot of a 21-day Reset program that I'll launch in August. This Reset focuses on increasing energy, reducing inflammation, sleeping better, and feeding our bodies better. As part of this partnership, I've been introduced to a delicious collagen product - the first one I've tasted that I actually like - to help promote healthier joints, skin and muscles! And a clean energy shot - and tasty too - peach mango or raspberry grapefruit. If this is something you've been looking for, please take a look - - and ask me any questions!

Wednesdays With Wanda Podcast - Provoking Courage Finding Strength in Vulnerability


Today's Topic - Healing Wounds From Childhood

Events from childhood, our first experiences, have the power to shape our lives. Some do immediately, offering us challenges to overcome and encouragement to make use of our talents and interests. In the process, character is built, and we make the first steps upon our personal paths. Some events seem to lay dormant until adulthood when our closest relationships help to bring out the deepest aspects of ourselves. This is when unexamined lessons can be used and neglected childhood wounds make themselves known in a call for healing

Wanda Nordlie is an Amazon Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Life Coach

Contact Wanda:


[email protected]

Nature's Way Holistic Health Class Schedule

Dr. Jodie MacDonald of Nature's Way Holistic Health with be holding the following classes for the remainder of 2021 beginning on July 15th. Please call 978-476-1184 to Pre-Register as space is limited to 5 per class! 

Dr. Jodie MacDonald Ph.D. HHP. HLC. CNC.CMH.CEW 

Nature's way is here to promote health and wellness and to provide education about your specific health needs. Connecting mind and body for better health.


15th Breath workshop 6-7:30 $20


12th Creative Minds Meditation Adult 5:30-7 $25

17th Kitchen Pharmacy 5:30-7 $ 20

19th Breath workshop 6-7:30 $20

25th Donna Eden energy 5:30-6:30 $25


15th Intro to Access Bars 6-7 $25

16th Breath workshop 6-7:30 $20

22nd intro EFT 6-8 $ 25


13th Intro Quantum Healing 6-7:30 $20

14th Breath workshop 6-7:30 $20

20th Crystals/Grids 5;30-6:30 $25

23th Reiki I 10-2 $125


4th Why Detox 6-7:30 $25