Upcoming classes from Nature's Way Holistic Health, LLC


Good Day,

With everything opening, I would like to invite you to a couple of upcoming classes, there will only be room for 5 people at a time, so if there is interest, more classes will be scheduled. Pre registration is required for these to ensure we do not over book a class. 

I am giving my Dynamic to Energy class in June. There are 3 spots left. this class will show you how to feel energy and what you can do with it. It is an 8 week class on Tuesday evenings starting at 6. This will be from June 15-Aug 10, there will be no class the week of July 4. The cost is $200, which works out to be $25 per class.

Meet Frank Chilinski, President & Publisher of Stonebridge Press


Stonebridge Press and Salmon Press publish 25 local newspapers and magazines in print and digital, numerous niche products, and social media tie-ins. This combination of relentlessly local news and advertising brings the best in super results to our advertisers, at affordable prices.

In addition to its Massachusetts operations, the company owns the Salmon Press group of weekly newspapers of New Hampshire and also publishes four weekly newspapers in Northeast Connecticut under the name Villager Newspapers. In total, Stonebridge Press, Inc. publishes 25 newspapers reaching over 200,000 households in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The company also publishes niche publications, specialty guides, special sections, and websites. All Stonebridge and Salmon products are also available online. Stonebridge Press is headquartered at the historic Southbridge News building, 25 Elm Street, Southbridge. 

Meet Lopa Shroff of Shroff Designs


Lopa Shroff, founder of Shroff Designs, LLC, has been involved in graphic arts and web design freelancing for approximately a decade. Lopa started her business over 18 years ago. Many of her clients are small business owners. She has worked with a wide range of clients in different industries including: retail stores, boutiques, art galleries, photographic studios, medical companies, and law firms. Lopa has a passion for creating something new which did not exist before and Shroff Designs, LLC allows her plenty of opportunities and outlets for creativity.

Guest Blog from Becca Wertheimer of Storied


What is Storied?

Storied is a business I started in 2020. I interview people about stories they feel are important to share with those they love.

Why Storied?

In 2015 my father died of cancer. My family put on a beautiful memorial service for him full of stories about his life, career, family and friendship. It was sweet, and funny and full of love. Yet, the whole time I was thinking, “Why didn’t we share all of these beautiful stories with him while he was still alive?”

When one partner spends too much in retirement!

#1: I've been doing a lot of analysis for clients on Roth conversions. The success of the strategy depends on your situation BUT let me be clear it works very well for many people. It's a powerful way to create significantly more future wealth that will be subject to less uncertainty and risk. Note that the strategy can work so well that it's worth paying high tax rates to do it while you're still working. The article on backdoor Roths below is related and a way to shift even more into this powerful structure.

Conquer Emotional Eating


Sign up for this 4 Week virtual Conquer Emotional Eating course with Kimberly Melillo, Nurse, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Intuitive Wellness Coach. 

Starts April 13th at 7:30pm.

If you struggle with turning to food when you are experiencing uncomfortable emotions, if you feel powerless over food or if you just don't know how to stop this destructive eating behavior this is the course for you.

You will become empowered with the tool and support to finally have a healthy relationship with food and cope with your emotions in a positive way.

Click on link to reserve your seat.

Is Urban Loft living for you?

Is Urban Loft living for you?

Market Gallery

181 Market Street, Unit 1, Lowell


There’s something different about warm brick walls, high ceilings and large windows that capture your inner bohemian self. What if you added a vented professional grill/oven and gas fireplace or a home spa with soothing lighting and therapeutic tub for all the modern comforts? Lots of space, light, custom features and easy access to galleries, restaurants, and shopping.

Why not take a few minutes and take a virtual tour by clicking on the QR code? Better yet, call Joanne Souza at 978-551-1913 or email at [email protected] for a personalized tour?