Guest Blog from Becca Wertheimer of Storied


What is Storied?

Storied is a business I started in 2020. I interview people about stories they feel are important to share with those they love.

Why Storied?

In 2015 my father died of cancer. My family put on a beautiful memorial service for him full of stories about his life, career, family and friendship. It was sweet, and funny and full of love. Yet, the whole time I was thinking, “Why didn’t we share all of these beautiful stories with him while he was still alive?”

When one partner spends too much in retirement!

#1: I've been doing a lot of analysis for clients on Roth conversions. The success of the strategy depends on your situation BUT let me be clear it works very well for many people. It's a powerful way to create significantly more future wealth that will be subject to less uncertainty and risk. Note that the strategy can work so well that it's worth paying high tax rates to do it while you're still working. The article on backdoor Roths below is related and a way to shift even more into this powerful structure.

Conquer Emotional Eating


Sign up for this 4 Week virtual Conquer Emotional Eating course with Kimberly Melillo, Nurse, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Intuitive Wellness Coach. 

Starts April 13th at 7:30pm.

If you struggle with turning to food when you are experiencing uncomfortable emotions, if you feel powerless over food or if you just don't know how to stop this destructive eating behavior this is the course for you.

You will become empowered with the tool and support to finally have a healthy relationship with food and cope with your emotions in a positive way.

Click on link to reserve your seat.

Is Urban Loft living for you?

Is Urban Loft living for you?

Market Gallery

181 Market Street, Unit 1, Lowell


There’s something different about warm brick walls, high ceilings and large windows that capture your inner bohemian self. What if you added a vented professional grill/oven and gas fireplace or a home spa with soothing lighting and therapeutic tub for all the modern comforts? Lots of space, light, custom features and easy access to galleries, restaurants, and shopping.

Why not take a few minutes and take a virtual tour by clicking on the QR code? Better yet, call Joanne Souza at 978-551-1913 or email at [email protected] for a personalized tour?

Spring Savings From MaidPro of Wakefield Are Here!


MaidPro of Wakefield is a family owned home and small business cleaning service, specializing in our 49 point checklist for a guaranteed top-to-bottom clean, every time. Serving communities North of Boston, we are bonded and insured and committed to service excellence.

Spring savings are here!
Save now on our recurring service (Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly) with $25 OFF your 1st, 3rd, and 5th cleans. That’s a total of $75 OFF and the perfect way to welcome spring into your life.

Ready for MaidPro Professional Cleaning? We customize our cleaning service around your needs AND budget!

Flexible Hours Office Manager/Bookkeeper Needed!

Nashua Foundries is a third generation, family run company that has been in business since 1863. Bookkeeper wanted. Hours are flexible 8:00 – 2 or 2:30 Monday to Thurs and 8 to noon on Friday. Up to 40 hours are available if desired. This position eventually becomes the office manager as the person becomes more comfortable with the duties and can take on more work. Salary is commensurate with abilities.

The bookkeeper is responsible for:

Guest Blog from Realtor Manny Andrade

Did you know that housing inventory is at an all-time low, average home appreciation across the country is currently 9%, & the average median home price is up to $297,000? What does that mean for you? If you’ve ever considered selling, it means now might be the perfect time! If you fit into one of the below categories of home sellers, it may be time to think about preparing your property for sale. 

Patient Investors

If you’ve had a piece of property sitting on the backburner until the market heats up, put on your oven mitts! The market is heating up, & some sellers are getting more offers at higher prices than ever before. But, just like pulling a souffle out of the oven, you have to act fast! As new-home construction ramps up across the country, the value of your property will likely cool down.

Downsizer’s Delight

Meet Kevin Cote of Saddle Up Tree Service


Kevin Cote owns a small local tree service where he helps customers with things like: pruning, tree removals, shrub and tree planting and maintenance. Kevin also has just become an ISA certified arborist! 

Arborists specialize in the care of individual trees. Kevin is  knowledgeable about the needs of trees, and is trained and equipped to provide proper care of trees on your property. Proper care is essential to the safety and beauty of your property. 

Can Kevin do the big boy tree removals?