Once Is Never Enough

Kevin Willett says don’t wait until you need a referral, a customer or more business to meet with someone a second time.

When you are thinking about whether to attend a networking event or use your time elsewhere, do not make your decision solely on who will be at the event. Yes that is an important piece to consider, as I have said before, you need to present to the right audience, but you’d be amazed at the amount of people who turn down and event because they have met somebody attending  one other time.  Once is never enough. Do you think because you met someone once that they will remember everything about you and your business? I have had people asked me about event attendees even after attending multiple events with that person. ‘Hey Kev, who was that guy that did roofs at your last event? ‘Hey Kev, lady who does real estate for southern NH, I know her first name but can’t remember her last” and on and on. I have spoken and written many times about getting to know, like and trust. This takes time! Relationships need to be built, follow up needs to be done, and becoming comfortable with referrals to and from needs to happen.This is not the networking guy trying to get you to go to multiple events he is hosting, LOL. This is the networking guy trying to help you. Let me ask you this: Think about and event you have been to in the past. Do you remember everyone who was there and what they do? Probably not.

Next time you are thinking about skipping an event because you talked to someone once already, think again.

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