The Biggest Mistake I Made as an Entrepreneur

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an entrepreneur is not seeing the big picture. That’s not an easy thing to do when you are trying to start up a business. Not easy, but a must, as you need to have a vision for the future. For me it was not connecting with people who I felt did not fit my model. Five years down the road my model changed and those people I did not bother to connect with I now wanted to know. Those were wasted opportunities. Not connecting with people you don’t think you will do business with has another downside.

Just say NO to Discounts

Kevin Willett says to respect yourself and respect your value

I had someone contact me recently about running ads on my website. I gave her my price, she asked for a lower price. I respectfully declined and she could not understand why. I told her my other advertisers were all paying the rate that I offered her. How could I justify to them that she was getting a lower rate? People talk and you know that someone would find out. Then, going forward, if someone wanted to place an ad, they too would want a special rate.

Never Forget Your Roots

Kevin Willet says your roots are what made you strong

I grew up in a neighborhood that had large families, not a lot of income and diverse ethnicities. I am super proud of that. While people from more affluent neighborhoods may have looked down on it, my neighborhood was awesome. I got to grow up with people with backgrounds from all over the world! Today, in my business, I am still interacting with people with diverse backgrounds. Networking is an important part of everyone’s business no matter the revenue, location or the clients that are sought.