Do You Still Think You Don’t Need to Network?

Kevin Willett says having a strong network will get you through good times and bad

We have had some tough times recently. Businesses and individuals are struggling to stay afloat. I have had several people reach out to me for help with either job searches or business sales. “Kevin do you know anybody who…” is something that I am hearing a lot of. Other than their struggles, the one common thing among these people is that they do not have strong networks. They never felt the need to go to networking events. They never felt they needed to connect outside of their immediate circle. The people who built solid relationships with their clients, the ones who have a strong network behind them are the ones who are surviving and keeping their businesses going. I know as the networking guy, this seems easy for me to say, but it is true. I have had to adapt my business like many others. From this I hope everybody learns the importance of building our networks. Even when business is good you need to keep building your network, keep your network strong. I don’t want to see anybody, when times get tough, wishing they had the connections to see them through. Make those connections when ever you can even if you think you don’t need to! We can’t see into the future and you never know when even one of those connections you have could come in handy. Need help making connections? Not sure where to start? Contact me and I’ll try to get you started!

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