Networking Tips

How Can You Help?

Those of my Friends out there who have children have heard the phrase ‘sharing is caring’. This is a big theme in children’s videos and programming. Well this phrase also works in networking!

I did a video the other day with my Friend Dave. We had a great interview; the video is uploaded on my YouTube channel and I shared it across social media as I always do. For most people tagging them in these shares is enough. What Dave did, was share the video with all HIS connections, he put the link in his newsletter and he gave me a shoutout in the process telling people if they didn’t know me, they should definitely connect.  By doing this, Dave helped not only himself, but me as well.

Using social media is free. So why aren’t we all giving shout outs to our Friends, supporting them and their businesses? Someone may see your post and not need a service now, but it will be out there in case they need it in the future. I hugely appreciate it when people share my posts. That is networking at its best!

Check out this video for more