Who Are You Hiding From?

Kevin Willett believes you are stronger than your fears

Are you one of those people that have a fear of speaking to groups? Recently I had a student skip a class because he had to do an oral presentation. He called and left me all kinds of excuses as to why he could not present. In the end, I asked him for the true story, and he told me he was scared. I understand that, but he was to be graded on this, so he had to make the presentation anyway. Why kick the problem down the road.  The same goes for you and your business. What are your fears that may be preventing you from growing? Is it doing a FB Live video? Is it reaching out to clients for fear of rejection? Presenting your product to groups? Maybe you fear even starting a business.

The more we put something off, the harder it is. We all have fears to face. By trying to stall it increases anxiety and makes the fear more important than it should be. Stop hiding behind them and instead face your fears head on! You will feel much better, be more productive, and grow your business if you do!

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