How To Nurture Business Relationships

Kevin Willett knows many ways to help build and maintain new business connections

I see people struggle with business relationships all the time. When you connect with someone new, you don’t want to seem overbearing or aloof. What is the best way to get to Know, Like and Trust with this new connection? My first piece of advice is to provide value to your new contact. How do you do that? I try to introduce my new contact to some of my old ones. People I think may be able to do business together or help each other out. Secondly, if you see an article or story that you think may help your new connection, let them know about it. Tell them where you saw it or send them a copy. Thirdly, ask to do a video interview with your new connection. You can record the zoom and show it to your friends to let them virtually meet your new contact. Maybe they will connect and do business together. Fourth, I like to share pictures on social media. Post a picture and tag the other person and their business pages. People seeing your post can click on any links you provide and check out the new person for themselves. These are simple ways to add value and show connections you appreciate and want to grow with them. No sales pitches, no pressure, just a slow build to help this person become comfortable with doing business with you and your connections. Of course, always follow up, keep in touch, do what you say you will in a timely manner are also standard ways to build that business relationship.

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