Be A Connector

Kevin Willetts says being a connector makes you and others happy

I get a great feeling when people reach out to me and ask me for help, they need a referral, who should they use. It’s a great way to help your clients and a great feeling to help solve someone’s issue. We can all be connectors. Have you ever been scrolling through FaceBook and seen someone looking for a suggestion? Do you know someone who could help? Did you take the time to message that person with a suggestion? Most people don’t, they just scroll right by. It only takes a moment to send a private message to that person with some contact info for someone who can help them out. Then just message the business you are referring, to give them a heads up that you have shared their info. Maybe include a brief description of what the person was looking for and now you have made two people happy just by being a connector. You have also made an impression on both parties that may help your business down the road.

Ok, so your saying to yourself that networking is my job, of course I am going to send my clients referrals whenever I can. That is a correct statement. But I also help out people who are not my clients on occasion. There are businesses that are not a client, but I know are good at what they do. I like helping people and it is not always about being paid to do it. Be a connector for the right reasons and not only will you make the people you are connecting happy, but you will be happy as well.

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