Jeff Hattem

Placemat Advertising

Free Placemats for Your Restaurant

We are New England's fastest growing publisher of restaurant placemats, printing over five million placemats a year.  We are actively seeking new restaurant partners, especially in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. To see if your restaurant qualifies for FREE placemats, call 617.549.1572

Advertisers receive valuable exposure in 13 business categories, at a cost of less than a penny per placemat. Print runs are typically 25,000 and last up to 8-12 months. Check out a sample here: Sample Placemat

Free Menus for Your Restaurant

As New England's largest publisher of placemats and menus, we've been busy producing high quality, full color paper menus for about 50 of our restaurant partners. Check out a sample here:  Menu

Print runs are 5,000 or 10,000 menus, allowing not only for outdoor/indoor dining use, but also takeout and delivery orders. Your customers will feel safer with a disposable menu, and you get beautiful full color menus for FREE! We handle all the graphic design, ad sales and printing; you just provide us with your menu.

Why pay for menus or have your customers struggle with QR codes? Let us get to work today creating your free menus!