Jill Maker

The Wish Project

About: Our mission is to provide our local people in need with basic furniture, home goods and baby goods, while  helping the planet by recycling used goods. Only when people have their basic needs met can they move forward and out of the social services system. By providing basic goods to people in crisis, we help end needless suffering in the short term while helping to end homelessness in the long term.

Once the basic needs are met, individuals and families can begin to work towards improving their lives and gaining independence from government subsidies. Our aim is to help the disadvantaged move toward re-establishing home life once housing has been secured. In doing this, our donors recycle their no-longer-needed furnishings, clothing and home goods back into use to people who desperately need them.

We interact directly with state and local shelters and housing programs to effectuate a smooth transition for those moving from shelter or emergency situations into apartments. This provides a unique and cost-effective approach to a problem whose urgency is repeated daily in the individual circumstances of each client.

Location: 166 Middlesex St North Chelmsford, MA


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