social media

What If Nobody Is Watching?

Kevin Willett says no matter the viewers, we all build our businesses one client at a time.

I always talk about one of the best ways to market yourself is by using short videos. I love FB live. I love using Zoom to interview clients in my short 3 Questions With promotions. Videos are great! But what if nobody is watching? I try and do a FB live business networking tip video every morning. One day this week I had over seven hundred viewers. The next day I had fifty. But you know what, that’s OK. That day I got a client out of it!

Now is the Time to Grow Your Network

I have been impressed lately with the amount of people connecting with me on social media. More impressive is the fact that a lot of my new connections are coming from younger people and recent college grads. Why am I impressed by this? These people are seeing the need and taking the opportunity to expand their networks during these crazy economical times. By growing their networks now, they will be ready for the end of the pandemic and the uptick in the economy. Current business owners can learn from these actions. Maybe business is slow for you right now.