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What will you get in the program:

  • Getting a realistic cost of college in the search process
  • Understanding chances for merit and need-based aid
  • Understanding affordability for your situation
  • Avoiding the gotchas(!) in the twists and turns of financial aid
  • Help in filling out the financial aid forms
  • Understanding which college gave you the best offer and what the college will truly cost
  • Understanding how to ask for more aid
  • Understanding the various payment options and how to determine which is right for you

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Specifically, what you get help with:

 What is it? Individualized, fully customized 1:1 advice, where we do most of the work for or with you. We handle the research, the analysis, and develop strategies fully tailored to your student and family.

Meet Jack Wang, Wealth Advisor


Jack Wang is an expert in helping families pay for plan for college. Much of his works is with middle school and high school age students to help them lower the cost of college without "breaking the bank". He's helped hundreds of families and students (including his own 2 children) understand financial aid, student loan options, and payment strategies in context of overall family finances.

- College Financial Aid Planning - How to lower cost of college? How to maximize aid? How to pay the bill without going broke?
- Managing student debt - How to pay off student debt? What are the best strategies? And which should be the priority - save or pay down debt?

Jack studied finance at the University of Texas at Austin and started in the banking industry where he spent 12 years as a commercial banker. He also was a corporate trainer for 10 years before starting his own firm.