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Meet Jodie MacDonald of Nature's Way Holistic Health


Jodie MacDonald loves to educate clients on the importance of natural health. Through the practice of Energy Healing, Jodie has been able to help people with chronic illnesses such as ALS an Cancer, and also help people with detoxification and weight loss the healthy way by changing lifestyle.

"I help the people using nutrition advice, herbal therapy and energy work. I specialize in chronic and acute illness. I have a Ph.D. in holistic health and use many of the modalities in holistic health. I am Reiki I and II certified as well as use advanced healing energy techniques for stress management and pain. I also do Aromatouch technique and ear coning, as well as life coaching."

Education is key to health and wellness, connecting mind and body for better life. Jodie offers several classes to help you on this journey. Classes include Energy work, Meditation for Kids, as well as health challenges and more."

Have You Met My Friend Karen Campbell of Grief & Healing Connections?


Karen Campbell, MSMHC, RMT, SC-C is a grief counselor, spiritual counselor, Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher , REAP practitioner and Melchizedek Method healer. She brings her experience and education to her clients as they experience their grief and healing journey.

Grief & Healing Connections honors all loss. Support is available, but not limited to, grief due to loss of loved ones, loss of pets, loss of health, loss of lifestyle, loss of faith, loss of relationships. Adults experiencing any type of loss are welcome. Counseling allows individuals to share their story, share their thoughts and receive guidance as they journey towards healing. Having experienced many deaths, losses and much grief in her own life, Karen knows the need for and value of grief support

Contact Karen to begin Healing Sessions which are offered to assist you in your journey to promote balance of mind, body & soul, to connect you to your healing