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Just say NO to Discounts

Kevin Willett says to respect yourself and respect your value

I had someone contact me recently about running ads on my website. I gave her my price, she asked for a lower price. I respectfully declined and she could not understand why. I told her my other advertisers were all paying the rate that I offered her. How could I justify to them that she was getting a lower rate? People talk and you know that someone would find out. Then, going forward, if someone wanted to place an ad, they too would want a special rate.

Resume for Peter Keiver

Peter Keiver

North Andover, MA 01845                               978-852-4397

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Professional Product Marketing Manager

Summary: Secured > $20M client growth by launching new website that enhanced self-service, payments expertise, and techniques to drive cross-sell/upsell opportunities. Influenced > 4k client contacts through creation of quarterly Product Zone Newsletter which drove greater awareness, engagement and education. Influenced > 80 clients, prospects and partner-facing webinar registrations that drove engagement and enhanced cross-sell/upsell opportunities.