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Creative Minds Meditation:

Learn new and creative ways to meditate, there is no wrong way to meditate, most people think meditating is breathing and quieting the mind…. There are so many other ways; Forest bathing, jumping into a picture, creating a sacred space and music and more. Learning how to meditate in these ways are great for children teens and adults.

Cranial Relaxation:

Increases blood flow, increases relaxation of the whole body. Great way to destress. Calms the mind and helps to heal the mind and the body.

Breath Work:

Using the breath to heal the body and mind. Breathing can help heal the body, and the organs. It can increase blood flow throughout and release stress.  There are many techniques you can use to release anger and other emotions, release toxins and calm the body.

Added Energy Work:

DNA Codes:

DNA codes can help heal your DNA, bring you back to balance and release any residue and toxins that are effecting your DNA.


Pre and Post vaccine energy work as well as having and being exposed to this virus. Rids the body of this energies of this virus. Also helps to get body ready for energetic effects of Vaccine.


Energy protocols to help the body fight off 5G technology

Quantum Healing Energy Work:

Uses a form of Hypnotherapy along with Breathing techniques and Energy work to help Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally heal the body.


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Dr. Jodie MacDonald Ph.D. HHP. HLC. CNC.CMH.CEW

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