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Trinity Solar Systems
Solar Energy

About: Trinity Solar is a leading designer and integrator of solar electric systems in the Northeast. 

Trinity began back in 1994 as Trinity Heating & Air. In 2004 our operations shifted to helping people tap into the greatest renewable resource — solar energy. Since then, we have developed our culture and business into what over 1,600 proud American workers can call home — Trinity Solar. Our core values of God, Family and Good Business Stewardship are the fuel that drive us to create a stronger America. Through cutting energy costs and leveraging government incentive programs, we strive to facilitate a thriving quality of life for as many American families and businesses as possible. Trinity Solar is a family owned operation located in Central New Jersey, where we coordinate and complete installations across multiple states – Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Location: NJ, NY, CT, MA, PA, MD, RI and DE


Email: [email protected]