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Meet Kathy Bailey-Smith Personal Coach


Kathy Bailey-Smith is a Personal Coach who wants to help you Own Your Story….She believes coaching is more than a model and a practice, it’s more than just wanting more in life and setting goals; it’s self-discovery.  

Owning Your Story is about acceptance.  It’s a path to wholeness and balance; it’s honoring the whole person. Owning Your Story is about acknowledging what you want and removing the obstacles that prevent you from getting there. Owning Your Story takes courage and a certain vulnerability to see the things we sometimes don’t want to see, it’s also about celebrating all the gifts we have to offer, and making sure we use them!

Designed for both Men and Women, specializing in dating and relationships, Kathy will become your trusted friend who wants the best for you. 


Phone: 603-320-0106

Email: [email protected]


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About Susan

As both a Professional Organizer and Certified Life Coach my goal is to help busy women, from female executives to stay-at-home moms, develop strategies for eliminating the clutter in their lives.   Have you ever noticed that when your environment becomes chaotic your start to feel chaotic?  Or when you are confused or stuck or struggling with  a personal issue, your environment reflects a similar chaos?

Let's face it, a woman who  takes on a full or part-time job along with raising a family faces some real challenges.  And although she probably wouldn't do things differently, still feels at some level frustrated and spent,  convinced she can never catch up.   How great would it be to approach one's day PRO- actively vs. RE-actively?  To create a weekly schedule that actually reflects your goals and passions?  To come home to an organized kitchen or office and a peaceful bedroom oasis?

As a Professional Organizer and Certified Life Coach, I work with my clients to create a clutter-free environment and lifestyle.  Because of the relationship between one's physical environment and one's habits, behaviors and  state of mind I encourage my clients to continue our relationship beyond the physical organizing process through Coaching.   As their coach, I support my clients in making those necessary and sometimes difficult behavioral changes that significantly impact their success .   Many of us know what we want and need to do but require support to actually get there.  As your Organizer and Coach my focus is completely on YOU and your success, and when that happens, so do some pretty amazing things...

For more information please contact me at [email protected].

Susan J. Bohenko, Professional Organizer and Certified Life Coach

Back to School!

So my kids started back Tuesday, bittersweet as always:) 
As any of you with children know, the beginning of the school year brings lots of paperwork coming home in the backpack.  Now for those of you who are techies, this may not apply since you have probably found a way to create digital files for all that paper.  But for people like myself who still use a paper planner and prefer not to constantly read info on-line, this may be something you would find helpful.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to quickly access all of the kids' school and activity paperwork?  I created this tool several years ago for my family and it has been so successful I've introduced it to several of my clients.  Maybe as you shop for this year's school supplies, you can pick up something to help YOU successfully navigate through the year.  

I call it the Family Notebook.  It's basically a binder to store resource information you need on a regular basis.  Now I said "resource" information.  It is not a place for you to stick papers you don't know what to do with!  All you need to set it up is a 1 or 1 1/2 inch 3-ring binder, some plastic sleeves, and some tabbed dividers.  This binder can replace all those refrigerator magnets and paper piles strewn about your kitchen:)  Read more


Get Organized!

Sunday night is a great time to review the following week's schedule with your family and avoid those scheduling "surprises"!

Time Tip

If you tend to run late on a regular basis, schedule 50% more time than you think you need for the task - if you think it'll take an hour, schedule in 1.5 hours and avoid the stress of rushing!

Living Well

Feed your soul by getting outside during the day, unplugged, and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.  Breathe.

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