Simple Handmade Journal by Ali Manning of Vintage Page Designs

In my free Facebook group I find member’s biggest challenge is knowing where to start with creating books. So, I created this simple journal tutorial on Facebook live today. Below are the instructions and a link to the video.

Simple handmade journal

Click here for video

  • Fold your pages into a signature, making sure the grain runs parallel to the spine
  • For help, check out this post: 9 Tips for Creating Awesome Book Pages
  • Measure the height and width of the signature
  • Cut heavy cover paper the same height at the signature and 4 times the width
  • Fold book cover in half
  • Open signature to the center and mark 4 sewing holes, the 1st hole at 1/2″ or 25mm from top, 4th hole 1/2″ or 25mm from the bottom and the remaining 2 stitches are spaced evenly
  • Nest the signature inside the cover, place in punching cradle and punch through 4 marked sewing holes
  • Thread a needle with a piece of waxed thread that measures 3 times the height of the book
  • Starting on the inside of the book, exit hole #2 to the front
  • Enter hole #3 and exit hole #4
  • Re-enter hole #3 and skip over hole #2
  • Enter hole #1 from inside to outside
  • Re-enter hole #2 and tie off with a square knot where you started
  • Fold in the two side covers
  • Mark and cut slits for ribbon in the center fold on the front and back covers
  • Thread ribbon through covers slits and underneath the signature in the center of the book
  • Admire and use your journal!


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