Resume for M. Karen Hamilton



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Advisory Business Systems Analyst

Create Effective and Efficient Workflow of Customer Information & Solutions


Experience working with back-end systems in information development processes and support entitlement. Skilled in product administrative and system setup of worldwide supported products and bundled products via Product Information Form (PIF) tool, ReTAIN Automated Queue System (AQS) routing, cc:Win Distributed Call Center, metric analysis tool, and Parature.

Provide UAT testing on variety of business systems with broad and diverse experience in adapting, developing, and implementing technology driven CRM projects. Collaborative problem-solver with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Flexible, motivated, and detail oriented with high standards in fast paced environment.





SAP, Vantive, CAM, and CCMS

Business Objects and OPC Admin Analysis Tool

ReTAIN PCOMM system and Parature





IBM CORPORATION, Watson Commerce Division, Cambridge, MA                                                                        2012 to 2017

Software Service Planner and Advisory Business System Analyst

·         Achieved 80% customer satisfaction rating by:

o    Collaborating with offering management, product leads, and level 2 support management, gathering support requirements for voice and online web submitted Problem Management Requests (PMRs).

o    Implemented global support delivery plans, ensuring customers receive seamless software support for subscription and support licenses.

o    Influenced cross-functional teams and incorporating metrics, post-release analysis information, planning activities, and business impact decisions.

o    Creating support structure for new offerings and product acquisitions and readiness into ReTAIN and/or Parature call entitlement tools and processes for optimal and seamless customer experience.

·         Demonstrated support liaison services between offering and entitlement teams, ensuring timely product launches, releases, and end-of-service and meeting deliverables for customers’ software support needs and entitlements.

·         Maintained 26 product portfolios under commerce brand division, delivering optimal efficiency from initial launches and upgrades/releases throughout product lifecycle.

·         Provided technical expertise to product development, identifying, evaluating, and creating support structures and procedures that were cost effective and met user requirement for support readiness.

·         Delivered project management worldwide readiness and multi-task with cross-functional teams; sales, marketing, development, and support on new product roll-outs, version/point releases, and upgrades on bundles/offerings, meeting client deliverables.

·         Decreased up to 85% of voice submitted tickets by driving yearly quality plan, analyzing project support tickets and defects, and generating continuous product quality improvement.

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IBM CORPORATION, SWG Support & Technology, Cambridge, MA                                                                        2007 to 2012

Advisory Systems Analyst

·         Supported service planners’ portfolios, setting up multiple products, bundles, and offerings for market product readiness and customer support entitlement.

·         Represented Lotus division as OPC Administrator point of contact. Designed target components and questionnaires in OPC Admin of customer problems for quality and metric reporting and analysis.

·         Collaborated and supported 6 Service Planners to identify global product deliverables, AQS routing, support processes, and product announcements, meeting product lifecycle strategies.

·         Implemented improved and efficient entitlement processes by conducting PIF Web tool system UAT for upgrades and release testing.

Senior Systems Analyst                                                                                                                                                          2001 to 2007

·         Appraised and recommended Product Development on technical support processes by defining product structure for new offerings and market readiness for premium customer experience.

·         Project managed worldwide product readiness for new products, point releases, and upgrades meeting delivery and target GA dates.

·         Supported and ensured product transition of acquisitions and pre-bluewash entitlement into IPLA Passport Advantage terms and conditions and call entitlement processes by integrating acquired products into support services and offerings.

·         Enhanced and improved PIF tool impacting downstream customer entitlement processes and experience by representing Software Group feedback and conducting UAT testing.

·         Ensured efficient data flow and minimal impact of customers’ entitlements and online problem web submissions, advising and working service planners’ requirements with development team into PIF tool.





Bachelor of Arts (BA), Communications/Advertising






Planning Effective Business Meetings

Project Risk Management Simulation courses

Project Management classes for in house PM certification

Microsoft Project Fundamentals

Agile Basics training





President, Tyngsborough Scholarship Trust (3 years)

Volunteer member of Tyngsborough High School Grad Night (2 years)

Volunteer at Lowell Humane Society