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Chelmsford, MA                                        [email protected]                                              (978) 758-3330




An innovative scientific leader with extensive management experience in the biotech industry with emphasis on developing and validating new molecular biology methods for emerging technologies and adapting these cutting-edge technologies to a variety of uses both in R&D and clinical procedures.  A broad range of experience in different company settings ranging from initial startups to multinational companies.  Experience in the area of Sales and Marketing with strong interpersonal skills and presentation skills.



Bio-Rad, Inc.,Billerica, MA (acquired RainDance Technologies, February 2017)                   2017 – 2018      

Director, Genomic Applications

Headed projects centered around Bio-Rad’s bead technology to increase the manufacturing capacity for bead generation and to demonstrate feasibility for bead-based targeted sequencing.                                                                    

·         Led an effort to scale-up the bead manufacturing process for the ddSEQ Single Cell next generation sequencing (NGS) application to meet increasing demand for the product.  The new procedure was transferred to Manufacturing and validated for market introduction.

·         Headed a project to develop a droplet-based bead delivery technology for targeted sequencing for NGS.  Initial feasibility was demonstrated.


RainDance Technologies, Inc., Billerica, MA                                                                     2008 – 2017

Director, Genomic Applications                                                                                                                   

Directed the feasibility, development, optimization, and release of products to the market for multiple applications for the ThunderStorm, ThunderBolts and RainDrop systems which are based on the RainDance proprietary droplet technology

·         Developed and released to market targeted NGS sequence enrichment applications including:

§  DNA sequencing.

§  Bisulfite sequencing for methylation analysis.

§  RNA sequencing.

·         Developed and released to market RainDrop digital PCR applications including:

§  Multiplexed dPCR assays.

§  High sensitivity copy number detection assay for noninvasive prenatal DNA testing for trisomy.

·         Led feasibility demonstrations of new applications using the RainDance droplet technology:

§  Single cell analysis.

§  Linked reads.

§  High sensitivity variant detection using NGS sequence enrichment.

·         Responsible for writing and executing development plans to meet application and instrument performance targets along with verification and validation plans for manufacturing and release of product to the market.


·         Managed proof of performance and collaboration studies to support the activities of the sales and marketing team and to demonstrate the capabilities of the current applications.

·         Managed two bioinformatics scientists responsible for the development of tools necessary for targeted sequencing on NGS instruments.

§  Primer design pipelines for the ThunderStorm and ThunderBolts applications.

§  Pipelines for the analysis of data generated by the targeted DNA application, RNA application, Single Cell and Linked Reads applications


Sequenom, Inc.,Newton, MA                                                                                                            2005 – 2008

Senior Manager, Technology and Applications                                                                                       

Scientific support for the sales and marketing team.

·         Traveled with the sales force throughout North America and overseas and delivered seminars at universities and private institutions on the science and technology behind Sequenom’s MassARRAY instrument and applications in the areas of high throughput genotyping, quantitative gene expression, SNP detection and quantitative methylation analysis.

·         Identified potential collaboration opportunities of scientific value to Sequenom.  Managed the running of collaborations from start to finish including experimental design and data analysis.

·         Managed feasibility studies for potential customers including study design and presentation of data.

·         Held workshops with existing customers to help them better understand and utilize the MassARRAY instrument and its applications.

·         Developed new applications for Sequenom’s MassARRAY platform including copy number detection and low percentage mutation detection in tumor tissue samples.

·         Performed market research to evaluate the needs of customers in the areas of genotyping, gene expression and methylation.


Additional Relevant Experience

Exact Sciences Inc., Marlborough, MA                                                                                        

Director, Translational Research                                                                                                                 

Managed the clinical laboratory, heading laboratory screening and assay development research in the field of molecular diagnostics.

·         Supervised Clinical Laboratory screening samples using PreGen-PlusTM stool DNA colorectal cancer assay.

·         Supervised Quality Control group producing reagents for PreGen-PlusTM assay for internal/external clients.

·         Managed key relationships with outside collaborators.

·         Directed research projects across multiple functional groups yielding improved assay performance and cost reduction.

·         Developed new DNA markers for 2nd generation stool DNA colorectal cancer assay with improved sensitivity.

·         Demonstrated loss of DNA sensitivity due to sample degradation during transport and its subsequent recovery through the addition of a stabilization buffer.


Variagenics/Nuvelo, Inc., Cambridge, MA                                                                            

Senior Director, Molecular Biology                                                                                                            

Directed development and oversaw all phases of Variagenics’ pharmacogenomic screening platforms.

·         Senior Member of the Research and Development Operating Committee.

·         Played key role in new business development including contract development.

·         Managed internal and client pharmacogenomic analysis projects.

·         Developed budgets and timelines for major $1 million+ corporate programs.

·         Supervised 30 scientists handling, processing and screening patient samples for internal/client projects including:

o    Sample Logistics, Assay Development, DNA Sequencing, Genotyping, RNA Expression Analysis and Pathology.

Director of Technology Development                                                                                                         

Managed Technology Development Group creating/developing core technologies.

·         Invented Nucleave-RETM proprietary second generation mass spectrometry genotyping method.

·         Invented proprietary haplotyping technology.  Adapted procedure for patient screening.

·         Demonstrated initial proof of concept for using mass spectrometry genotyping by chemical cleavage of DNA which led to the NucleaveTM genotyping platform. Participated in product development and commercial launch.


Senior Scientist                                                                                                                                                  

Directed post-acquisition integration of technology and personnel (from Avitech to Variagenics)

·         Coordinated efforts between teams adapting T4 endonuclease VII assay for high throughput polymorphism screening.

·         Managed high throughput polymorphism discovery group focused on identifying polymorphisms for entry into a proprietary database.


Research Scientist                                                                                                                                             

Oversaw multiple projects directed at discovering allele specific cancer therapeutics.

·         Instrumental in initial lab set-up including build-out.

·         Screened and characterized tumor cells lines homozygous and heterozygous for amino acid polymorphism in thiopurine methyl-transferase gene for growth inhibition drug response.

·         Cloned and expressed in bacteria and mammalian cells, various constructs of the transferrin receptor harboring an amino acid polymorphism. 

§  The expressed proteins were used in an attempt to generate polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies capable of binding differentially to each allelic form of the transferring receptor causing inhibition of function.

·         Established initial polymorphism detection procedure (SSCP) to screen target genes for polymorphisms.


Ares Advanced Technology (Ares Serono, Inc.), Randolph, MA                                   

Principal Investigator                                                                                                                                     

Headed Endogenous Gene Activation Project.

·         Developed technique of using gene targeting through homologous recombination to activate the expression of silent endogenous genes by the insertion of a transcriptionally active promoter 5' of a protein coding region.

·         Expressed therapeutically relevant human genes in human cell lines using Endogenous Gene Activation technique.



Angenics, Inc., Cambridge, MA                                                                                                         


Oversaw the diagnostic DNA probe project.

·         Successfully adapted immunodiagnostic latex bead assay to detect nucleic acid sequences in biological samples.

·         Developed proprietary enhanced sensitivity DNA amplification method.



University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN                                                                                                

Ph.D. program, Department of Microbiology.  Completed all course work and passed Ph.D. qualifying exam.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA                                                                         

Bachelor of Science Degree, Biology



Sequenom, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                2007

Outstanding Sales Support Award – Awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the support of sales activity.

RainDance Technologies, Inc.                                                                                                                                    2014

Eclipse Award - Recognizes outstanding contribution to RainDance through discovery, development or implementation of new technology, science or business practices that meaningfully enhance the customer experience and our future business.



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