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Company Name: Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy

About: Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy offers expert level care from a highly trained professional, so that you can be confident that your health is in good hands.   We do not charge more for different services. Each appointment is customized to address the individual’s needs and goals.  This is no cookie cutter service. By using a variety of massage techniques we help to reduce chronic muscle tension and bodily discomfort so that you can walk without pain, move without limits and live your most active life.

Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy relieves pain brought on by stress and unusual exertion. Whether it’s constant business pressure, excessive physical exertion, or simply sitting all day, our massage therapy treatments can relieve your physical pain and ease your tension. So, if it’s a sore back, shoulders or leg muscles, we can address your problems; thoroughly, peacefully, and gently.

Lisa Poole is the owner and Licensed Massage Therapist in NH. Lisa has an Associates of Science degree in Exercise Science, years of personal training experience and years and years of exercise experience. She approaches massage with a different perspective. To her massage is a team activity and wellness includes everything from exercise, diet, stress management and massage. If you are looking for a better approach to pain relief and a healthy lifestyle Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy is the answer.



Phone: 603-738-6393

Email[email protected]





Location: Bedford, NH


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Lisa Poole