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Mission Statement: 


Company Name: Made In Lowell

About the Company:Made In Lowell is on a mission is to bringing people together to achieve lasting social change.

We highlight the strengths of Lowell, celebrate our community, and help Lowellians shapethe future of Lowell. We cultivate a network of relationships to make our community function more effectively. In short, Made in Lowell creates a deeper, more connected, and inspired community.

Made In Lowell functions as the backbone organization to implement and measure systematic change needed to lead Lowell into a prosperous future.  We encourage human connectivity and use our network and public engagement to identify the social issues and needs of all of Lowell.  We collaborate to develop shared goals and strategies to address these needs and to set measurable goals.

We envision a thriving, deeply connected Lowell, in which all people experience economic success, are hopeful for their future, and participate in building their community.


Phone: 978.455.7652,

E-Mail: [email protected]





Location: Lowell, MA 01852

Member Reference: 
Gabby Davis