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Company Name: Mill City Glass Works

AboutMill City Glass Works is a glass blowing studio located in Lowell, Massachusetts. The studio serves as a way to bring the experience of working with hot glass to those who are interested. We are offering a calm, respectful and creatively stimulating environment with a strong practice of the fundamentals in this very old and unique craft.

List of Services

  • WorkShops -Workshops last for one to two days. We will focus on one skill or creating a specific object (exception Glass Blowing Beginners Weekend). We will have seasonal workshops where we will help you create multiples of an object and you take home your work!  (Ornaments, Flowers, Pumpkins, Hearts, Flowers etc.)
  • ClassesClasses give you a more in depth exposure to glass, meeting once a week for six weeks.  These classes will be more drill based, working towards an ultimate goal of knowledge and specifics of design. We will be teaching and focusing on learning the fundamentals of understanding temperature. Glass is always fun and exciting; the potential for improvement is endless. Once one can understand the medium and learn to move safely, we can make our designs come to life.
  • Experiences - Glass Blowing Experiences are safe and fun with little time commitment. Each experience lasts about 15min to 20min (except for glasses which are  30-40min) With the help of an instructor; you will create a beautiful piece of glass. Our projects consist of glass paperweights, ornaments, floats, flowers, hearts, and glasses. You can expect to add color, turn the pipe, blow, and feel the heat.
  • Private LessonsPrivate Lesson are a great way to get one on one attention catering towards your goal, weather it is to take home lots of pretty things or work to become a professional glass blower. There is a two hour minimum please contact us for availably. 



Phone: 978-317-4756

Email[email protected]





Location: Western Avenue Studios Lowell, MA


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