Meet Dr. Ian Barwick, DMD


Dr. Ian Barwick says "The most fulfilling part of my job is seeing a patient through to the end of a successful treatment plan – it’s a shared journey.”

He views each patient treatment plan – whether spread over one year or ten – as a journey shared together, completed together, and as a great success when the end is reached together.

“Every patient needs to be offered the best that dentistry has to offer,” says Dr. Barwick. “Not everyone can afford it or wants to do it all at once. But when we can do it over a period of time, everyone wins.” Being a part of changing lives through dental care is his reward – watching patients develop self-esteem, knowing they are beginning to look at themselves differently through the process, and being there when they see themselves in the mirror at the end.

In addition to his dental services, Dr. Barwick also specializes in Oral Appliance Therapy to treat sleep Apnea. Do you have sleep apnea but can’t handle a CPAP? Oral Appliance Therapy is changing lives for the better and may be covered by your insurance. 

Dr. Barwick has been practicing in Dracuct, MA for over 30 years. He is dedicated to the community, loves music, hiking, snorkeling, playing tennis, cooking, and traveling. 

Contact Dr. Barwick to find out more about Oral Appliance Therapy and to see how he can help with your oral health.

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