Meet Dave Waldman of B2B Video Solutions & Treasured Memories Video


Dave Waldman has a passion for video and storytelling. He wants to make sure your story is told. Whether that is tales passed down from generation to generation or the story of your business, who you are and what you do. 

Dave founded Treasured Memories Video in 2006 after recording video biographies for a couple of aging family members. The results were overwhelming, and Dave found a passion for merging the technical skills he has with his creative and personable side. He has a natural ability to make people feel comfortable in front of a video camera and draw out of them their experiences and life views.

A few years later, he formed B2B Video Solutions to better brand the business video products he creates. Dave’s hobbies include community theater, outdoor activities like skiing, kayaking and scuba diving, and Dave is, of course, an avid movie lover and an unapologetic television watcher.

Take a look at Dave's website for a list of services he can provide Contact Dave to get your story told! 

Phone: (603) 566-3075 | Email: [email protected]