Bryan Castonguay

Outdoor Elegance Co.
Landscape Company

Let’s take a moment to close your eyes and envision a brand new patio coming off the back of your home after a long day and being able to sit down with a glass of your favorite beverage and hear the tranquil sounds of a water feature or the cracklings of a fire in your fire feature. The stress of your will just melt away! Now open your eyes and look out the window to your back yard or your front yard and let’s design the landscape enhancements you and your yard deserve!

Outdoor Elegance was founded on the principles of jobs done right and customers served right. We provide landscape installations to properties in northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We pride ourselves with knowledge and artistry in our trade to provide our clients with the best practices in landscape enhancements.

We provide a wide range of water feature installations of pondless waterfalls-ponds-and fountain features. Hardscapes of patios walkways walls we got you covered! We also offer a wide range of landscape lighting to light up your property so you can enjoy what you work so hard for. New lawn installations with irrigation installations. Planting installations and planting removal. Curious as to what your investment with us will look like? I don’t blame you I’d want to see what I’m spending money on too! We can design what your project will look like. 

I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to speak with you about your landscaping projects you have in mind and not just be your landscape contractor but your friend as well.