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Larry Grumer - Energy Harvesters LLC

Host Kevin Willlett is joined by Larry Grumer from Energy Harvesters LLC. Energy Harvesters is commercializing a personal electronics mobile power source. This will provide you the ability to charge your mobile device batteries from your own walking. The Walking Charger™ is an “off-the-grid” device that will be integrated within footwear as an OEM branded product. It is going to allow you to charge your Smartphone battery in a little over an hour of everyday walking.  

The “Walking Charger” will become an integral part of footwear; a ubiquitous shoe feature that will be widely available. It presents “green-tech” appeal for delivering personal power, for not disposing of batteries and it will be an important gateway catalyst product towards the rapidly approaching trend of wearable electronics.

Please visit their website at to learn more


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