David Joyce

DJ Consulting Services
Savings Consultant

AboutProvide personal consulting options and solutions consumers deserve to reduce their overhead expenses.

Bill Negotiated Services

Bill Auditing Service

Managed Service for Electricity (currently available in 10 states)

Commercial Energy Efficiency Solutions that maximizes efficiency and guaranteed energy savings from 10-30% or more with a fast ROI and lifetime warranty.

Commercial HVAC systems

Walk-in Coolers and Freezers 

Reach-in coolers and freezers

New Energy Efficiency for the Home with "EcoStella" 

Energy Management Systems that filters and protects the entire electrical systems from harmful EMF for you home or business resulting in reduced energy consumption while cleaning and conditioning your power.

Consulting for Solar Solutions for commercial or residential buildings.  Environment friendly solutions with a long term savings.

Allow us to help you find savings with simple, efficient and clean solutions.

We educate residential and commercial consumers on the risk free options available to reduce overhead and monthly bills.   

Location: Tewksbury, MA 


Email: [email protected]