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Don't Forget Your Camera this Summer!

Summer Photography Fun!


Photo Tips and Updates!








You can spend the long days of summer doing many things.  It's the time of year to get outdoors and to have  fun in the sun.  Summer is also a prime season for photography fun.  


When you head out on your vacations and weekend events make sure you include your camera in your plans. 


With extended hours of daylight and warm weather there are excuses for getting out and making some photos. Nature is in full bloom and there is an infinite supply of subjects to capture READ MORE.







For the month of August the photographer challenge for our MEET-UP group is all about including the two themes of SUMMER & COLOR into your image making. This is free to join and is one entirely online.  For info and registration CLICK HERE 


Image Makers Photographic Workshops is a Meet-Up group I organize and it is free to join. It includes links to my workshops and other free photo experiences.  





For more summer photography fun you should consider attending one

of my upcoming photography workshops.


For a fun night out join me on Aug. 20 for our PAINTING WITH LIGHT/LIGHT GRAFFITI WORKSHOP in Nashua, NH.  Break out your flashlights and disco balls for a fun evening of experimental photography.


If your looking to build your portrait photo skills or want a chance to work with models join me for the PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP on Aug. 23 at Benson's Park in Hudson, NH.









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