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software developer

Resume for Gerard Boggio






[H] 978-683-6092   |   [C] 508-633-2277  

[email protected]




Software Developer and Business Analyst of data warehouses and data processing solutions with depth of experience in the Financial Services industry. Strength in architecting and enhancing the storage and retrieval of data for business decision making.





UNIX/Solaris/Linux, Windows


Perl, Java, SQL-Plus, PL/SQL, Python, HTML, C/C++


FAME, Vision, Business Works, Business Objects, Shell Scripting, JavaScript, AutoSys, Oracle, MongoDB, MS Office (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Project), Visual Basic (VB), SpringBatch, SOAP/XML, CVS, SVN



PUTNAM INVESTMENTS, Andover, MA                                                                                                                                1996 – 2016

Senior Software Developer / Business Analyst – Fixed Income (2007 – 2016)

Lead Developer / Analyst of the Fixed Income data warehouse application FAME which provided metrics used in Risk Analysis, trading decision making, and data modeling by Quantitative Analysts and Portfolio Managers. Provided enhancements and support of Fixed Income Trading systems.


Developed and enhanced processes to convert data from a variety of vendor sources into information used in the investment decision making, portfolio projections, and risk analysis.
Skills – Perl, FAME 4GL, Java, Shell Scripting, SQL, AutoSys, CVS, Vendor Relations


Programmed and enriched, through improving the speed of processing and finding additional sources of information, data extracts to internal and external systems.
Skills – Perl, FAME 4GL, SpringBatch, SQL, Shell Scripting, AutoSys, BusinssWorks


Created and provided documentation to onshore and offshore staff that served as the road map for technical support, training, and system enhancements.
Skills – MS Office (Word, Excel, Visio), HTML


Surveyed the user community to collect business issues. Established streamlined daily jobs cycles, reduced the number of problem tickets by more than 50% while identifying databases and processes that were no longer needed. 40% of databases and 10% of the jobs were eliminated.
Skills – Debugging, Requirements Gathering


Created business requirements and functional specifications for the enhancement and migration of applications and segments of applications to new data sources, operating systems, and database platforms.
Skills – FAME 4GL, Perl, Shell Scripting, SQL*Loader, MongoDB (JSON), MS Office (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint), SVN


Led weekly meetings with support team, prioritizing activities and addressing problems and possible enhancements.

Senior Software Developer – Equity (1998 – 2007)

Enhanced the processing and loading of Equity analytics and metrics used in the decision making of investments to the data warehouse based on Vision.


Architected, created test plans, and implemented code efficiencies for Vision and Web based applications.
Skills – Vision, Perl, Shell Scripting, AutoSys



Migrated to a Business Intelligence based solution, provided the system to rate the investment performance of Portfolio Managers and facilitated conversations with senior investment management.
Skills – Business Objects, Vision, DOS Batch, Requirements Gathering


Enhanced and developed Excel VBA based application to evaluate and estimate the performance of securities, offering data which shaped future investment decisions.


Automated the updating of Excel VBA enhancements to business user’s desktops, ensured that all application users were utilizing the latest version of the application.


Enhanced contribution and attribution reporting by working with quantitative analysts to streamline code and add functionality, offering reporting with more attribute sets.
Skills – Vision, Requirements Gathering, Shell Scripting, AutoSys


Mentored team members to take over the enhancement and support of the application.

Software Developer – Portfolio Systems (1996 – 1998)

Team member in the migration of portfolio systems to the software platform (CPORT).


Provided business and systems analysis to create specifications and code for the conversion and reconciliation of data between platforms.
Skills – Requirements Gathering, MS Word


Designed interface and conversion standard for file transfer and report distribution between hardware platforms, offering a streamlined approach to data collection and report distribution.

EDS / BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF MA, Boston, MA                                                                                                   1985 – 1996

Systems Engineer / Chief Programmer

Technical lead for institutional and professional claims processing and inquiries.


Created and enhanced code to implement federal changes in claim formats in systems that would perform preliminary validation of claims before submission for payment processing.
Skills – COBOL, CICS, C/C++, JCL, VSAM, DOS Batch


Investigated various hardware/software solutions and identified SuperSession as the ideal solution to integrate separate and distinct systems and provide a fully integrated user experience. Led programming of the SuperSession environment.


Created code for the analysis of market data to direct efforts to extend and retain market share among Massachusetts employers.
Skills – FOCUS, JCL


Supervised and trained junior programmers in support and application enhancement.




Master of Science, Computer Information Systems, Boston University, Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science, Accounting, Bentley University, Waltham, MA

Certificate, Proficiency in UNIX, University of Massachusetts/Lowell, Lowell, MA

Certificate, Client/Server Database Design and Administration, University of Massachusetts/Lowell, Lowell, MA

Certificate, Website Design and Development, University of Massachusetts/Lowell, Lowell, MA




MongoDB: MongoDB for Developers, MongoDB for DBA’s


Python: In Progress

Resume for David Wallace

David A. Wallace

154 Dunstable Rd.

North Chelmsford, MA 01863

(978) 251-3964

[email protected]


SUMMARY: Software developer and architect with demonstrated ability to lead design teams and deliver quality implementations. Experienced in formal instruction and on-the-job mentoring.  Practiced in all phases of the software life-cycle.


                        Languages:      C++, C, Java, Python

                        Platforms:        Windows, embedded, Android, Linux

                        Tools:              Visual Studio, Eclipse, IAR, SVN, Perforce, BugTracker


Six patents awarded; three technical articles published; taught classes in Python and C programming, introduction to UNIX and embedded system design.



2010 - 2014           ECHO THERAPEUTICS, INC                                                Franklin, MA

            Medical Product Developer of non-invasive analyte  monitoring and drug delivery devices


            Sr. Principal Software Engineer

  • Specified, designed and implemented Windows applications to confirm that the components of the Symphony Non-invasive Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System functioned properly.  These applications also served as control consoles during development and internal clinical trials.
  • Specified, designed and implemented proof-of-concept product demos (one of which was shown during a segment featuring Symphony on The Doctors, a network TV show).
  • Helped to specify the functionality and architecture of the company’s Symphony system.
  • Specified data interchange architecture and data structures for the sensor, abrader and monitor components which together form the Symphony system.
  • Specified and guided implementation of the embedded software of the sensor and the monitoring computer.
  • Designed and implemented a proof-of-concept Android glucose monitor as might be used for a consumer product.
  • Implemented bug fixes and enhancements to embedded software in the sensor and abrader devices.


2010    Volunteer Programmer – One Laptop Per Child

            A non-profit organization with the goal of providing inexpensive education-targeted laptops


  • Developed four programs for teaching astronomy on the OLPC XO-1 laptop platform.  One of these programs was used in the science curriculum for 400,000 grade school students in Uruguay.
  • Taught a Python programming course.


1995 - 2010           ECRM, INC                                                                                Tewksbury, MA

            Manufacturer of Pre-press image recording equipment


            Sr. Principal Software Engineer

  • Architect and project leader for the company’s Windows-based image recording service application.  This service is based on several cooperating multi-threaded applications.  There are approximately 2000 installations of this software currently, accounting for approximately $500,000 in direct revenue and facilitating the sale of nearly $150,000,000 worth of recording equipment.
  • Designed and implemented most of these applications.
  • Designed and implemented client software in Java which monitors and controls the server from any computer on the customer's intranet.
  • Designed and implemented additional Windows applications for system configuration analysis, for installing field upgrades to the software and for viewing image files.



1992 - 1995           CADEC SYSTEMS, INC                                                          Londonderry, NH

            Manufacturer of data logging equipment and software used by the trucking industry.

            Senior Software Engineer


1984 - 1992           BULL HN INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC                       Billerica, MA

            Manufacturer of computer systems

            Staff Engineer, Custom and Special Products Division


1981 - 1984           SEQUOIA SYSTEMS, INC                                                      Marlborough, MA

            Manufacturer of fault-tolerant minicomputers

            Senior Engineer, Hardware Design Staff


1981                      NIXDORF Computer, INC                                                       Burlington, MA

            Manufacturer of time-shared word processing systems

            Senior Engineer, New Processor Development Department


1970 - 1981           HONEYWELL INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC               Billerica, MA

            Manufacturer of computer systems




            B.S.E.E., University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA

Resume for Robert Kulp

Robert J. Kulp

[email protected]  |  (413)-834-0310  |


Dedicated Software Developer with a passion for problem solving. Adaptable to dynamic situations, and willing to go the extra mile to meet deadlines. Eager to learn and grow.


Knowledge & Skill Areas:

✓     Software Development & OOP

✓     Complex Problem Solving

✓     Debugging & Troubleshooting

✓     Testing & Documentation

✓     Research & Self-Teaching

✓     Optimization

✓     Multitasking

Technical Summary

Languages:                ActionScript 3, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, C++

Tools:                         Adobe Flash, Flash Builder, Eclipse, Perforce, Jira, Bugzilla, PuTTY

Professional Experience

  • Took the initiative to learn JavaScript and PHP, fulfilling role of Web Developer when company needs changed, and successfully launched new Lycos home page in one week
  • Implemented a core client framework using the Robotlegs AS3 library, smoothing conversion of three Java games to Flash, which cut development time in half
  • Designed and built the AS3 client for “Carnival Critters,” working closely with server engineers and artists, hitting deadline and creating one of the top 3 games on the Gamesville site
  • Built a dynamic animation system, allowing artists to add new animations within Flash without the need for programmer hookup, easing development flow
  • Worked on three Facebook games simultaneously, easing workload for other engineers
  • Created and implemented a “Mugshot” system for Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego? through which artists could create various facial components in Flash, and have them be dynamically arranged in the game
  • Converted TorqueScript code into C++ components for Torque-2D-based iPhone game, Attack of the Dust Bunnies, greatly improving frame rate

Employment History

Software Engineer                            Lycos Gamesville, Waltham, MA                               2011 - 2014

Software Engineer / QA                   Blue Fang Games, Waltham, MA                              2010 - 2011

QA                                                      Demiurge Studios, Cambridge, MA                           2009 - 2010

Software Engineer / QA                   Blue Omega Entertainment, Annapolis, MD              2008 - 2009

QA                                                      Day 1 Studios, Sparks, MD                                        2008


Full Sail Real World Education - Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Design & Development

Greenfield Community College - Certificate of Multimedia Design