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Meet Drew Clapp, Financial Representative


Drew Clapp help families build towards financial freedom by educating them about concepts they can use in every day life to achieve their goals and wishes. He helps them protect their freedom by providing insurance. Drew provides a variety of services and products in which families can build towards becoming debt free and a rockstar in retirement. 

Contact Drew to find out more! Phone: 603-707-0337

An Evening of Family Finance Solutions



Please join us at this Family Finance Solutions event to learn more about managing your family finances and take home a $15.00 gift card to Market Basket.

To register and attend one of these workshops, call Gladys Santiago at Community Teamwork at 978-654-5673 or via email at [email protected]


No Child Care Provided. Workshops are for adults only!

You will have the opportunity to attend one of the four (4) informative workshops listed below:  


Planning for Retirement:  Humans continue to live much longer.  Do you want to rely on just social security benefits? Find out reasons to contribute to your retirement, different types of retirement plans such as IRA, 401k. Importance of carefully choosing and monitoring your investment options.  


Pay Small Now or Pay Big Later: An average funeral can cost anywhere from $7k-10K. Do you really want to leave your family this burden? Learn the small things that can be done now in order to avoid much distress later by protecting your love ones today.


Credit Report & Credit Scoring: When used together, provide an inspection of your past use of credit. Accurate information in your credit report is the key to obtaining the best credit terms and rates possible. Learn how to obtain, read, understand and dispute inaccurate information on your credit report. Discover how your credit report can affect your ability to establish, re-establish credit and obtain housing and employment.


Facing your Creditors: Letting the bills pile up and ignoring the situation only worsen the situation. Learn different techniques in order to deal with your past due accounts, address creditors, make settlement offers, and much more.





Gift Card… compliments of                      Community Teamwork will not be granted until the end of the workshop (one gift card per household).




Learn how the same rules for climbing Mount Everest could apply to your retirement - by Arthur Meconi



Tips that can help make sure you're well-equipped for the years ahead.






From My PracticeThe latest insights to help you plan for a more confident financial future.

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After the summit


What climbing a mountain — and returning home again — can teach you about preparing financially for retirement. Pete Athans, one of the world's greatest mountaineers, talks about the importance of preparation and why the biggest risk for climbers comes after the summit.


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Check your retirement personality


Take the Ameriprise quiz to find out what kind of retirement saver you are and what that means for your nest egg.


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Are you in a retirement state of mind?


Your emotions can have as much of an impact on your retirement as your finances. Tips on getting ready for this exciting — sometimes confusing — transition.


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Read more in the July/August More Within Reach® magazine.
The latest issue from Ameriprise Financial offers some surprising lessons from famous mountaineer Pete Athans. Plus, plenty of other information that may help you prepare financially and emotionally for retirement.

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Like mountain climbing, retirement is all about the right planning and preparation. Let's talk about steps to consider as you plan for a confident retirement.






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