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nelia benjamin

Networking Success Story - Nelia Benjamin - NJB Accounting Solutions

Nelia Benjamin is a busy Accounting Consultant who, from time to time, uses networking organizations to build her network of professional services.  She keeps these on hand for when her clients have a need.
Nelia is the President and founder of NJB Accounting Solutions. For over 16 years NJB Accounting Solutions has relied on word of mouth referral from grateful and satisfied clients. Clients such as Paychex payroll services have chosen to work closely with Nelia for over 7 years due to the excellent care and service that Nelia offers her clients
NJB Accounting Solutions offers all the traditional Accounting Services i.e. :income tax preparation, bookkeeping, Quick Books training, IRS projects, meals tax preparation, etc. In addition Nelia offers subcontracted Controller or CFO services for many of her clients. 

NJB Accounting Solutions provides services to many different industries from medical, to retail, restaurant, professional services, contractors, and so on.
Nelia is on the road daily visiting and working with clients. She offers in-house services as well as what the traditional local CPA does.
Nelia also coaches businesses from  inception to growth and/or termination of the businesses. "I love what I do because I change the world one person at a time. My clients tell me that I make such a difference in their business lives as well as personal. Being a business coach allows me to also do a lot of personal coaching it really goes hand in hand. if you have problems in the business it's going to infiltrate in the personal life and vice-versa."
Nelia continues to grow her practice slowly because her number one priority is to make each client feel like they are the only one she has.
Nelia has a small part-time staff that assists her. As a result of networking she has the opportunity to also give back to community by partnering up with employment organizations where she loves to train people that want to go into the accounting field and are unemployed.
Nelia's advice to networkers is to make it a long term commitment and just enjoy the process. It's about making a solid network of good relationships and giving before taking.
 "People need to know that you are real and trustworthy before they commit to giving you a referral. I chose quality networking partners that will take excellent care of my client’s needs. I am very protective of my clients and expect excellent service and integrity from the businesses that I network with and refer to my clients or that I use to service my own needs because that is how I operate in return. I truly enjoy networking because to me I am visiting with friends or making new friends. I feel like a little kid back in school. I just love people and really enjoy their company. Now that I have staff I am looking forward to network more and even hosting networking events at my office located at 224 Main street in Salem NH at the Santo Professional Building."

Nelia J. Benjamin

Accounting/Business Consulting

NJB Accounting Solutions