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Mentoring Opportunities with UML Difference Maker Program


Program Name: UMass Lowell DifferenceMaker


Services: We provide entrepreneurial and startup assistance to UMass Lowell students and recent alums


Seeking Mentors:

The UMass Lowell DifferenceMaker program is in need of mentors to help assist our growing DifferenceMaker student population throughout their entrepreneurial journeys. This mentor program seeks to connect DifferenceMaker students with successful experienced entrepreneurs and alumnus, as well as faculty and staff.  The purpose of the program is to enhance the entrepreneurial, creative problem solving and academic capabilities of UMass Lowell students as they attempt to develop sustainable solutions to challenging problems and opportunities. These solutions may be new businesses, new products, or new ways of delivering social services. The mentor’s role is to provide guidance in furthering and refining student team objectives. Many student projects have commercial potential but need assistance getting there through market research, business development and fundraising processes.


Mentor Skills Needed:


Business Development


Business Finance


Business Organization


Business Planning


Discipline Specific Knowledge & Experience


Graphic Design & Web Design


Marketing and Market Research


Non-profit Fundraising


Opportunity Assessment


Patent Application Process


Product Design


Product Development


Sales & Distribution


Software and App Development


Types of Project

DifferenceMaker students join the program from a broad range of academic disciplines. Past projects included an extendable prosthetic arm, a nutrition program for high school students, a social network providing alternative weekend social activities and a restaurant marketing and reservation website.  A complete list of this year’s DifferenceMaker projects is available at .   Your discipline specific knowledge may help students navigate this broad range of opportunities.

Why should you become a Mentor?

There is a rapid paced entrepreneurial community at UMass Lowell resulting in more teams thinking about commercialization, however, they may not have the expertise to get there.  By becoming a mentor, you can guide these individuals and teams with your knowledge and experience.  Whether it is marketing, business development, fundraising, engineering, or something else, all types of skills and expertise are needed.  In addition, you will be exposed to new ideas and projects and have the chance to become part of the fast paced entrepreneurial community at UMass Lowell. 



Interested? Contact Information:

DifferenceMaker Program Manager

Holly Butler

Phone: 978-934-6444

Email: [email protected]



DifferenceMaker Central

Lydon Library 
Suite 012 (bottom floor)
North Campus    
84 University Avenue  
Lowell, MA 01854