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lead generation

The BPI Report from Walter Wise

The BPI Report - August 15, 2013       

In this issue, we talk about best practices for marketing in today's economy.  As always, I look forward to your comments.

Walter Wise

Revenue Success Architect
The BPI Strategy Group


How Much Are You Spending on Marketing and Is It Generating Qualified Leads?

By Paul DiModica

When coaching CEOs on best practices on how to grow their business, one question we are often asked in this economy is "how do we generate more qualified leads?"

Generating leads -- specifically qualified leads -- takes knowledge, business funding and a planned strategy.
Often when working with clients, we find that they have a silo approach to lead development and end up focusing on one type of lead generation model which they or their team members are comfortable with.

This silo lead generation approach usually fails because it limits the potential capture of new prospects to one communication medium.

Most successful lead generation programs use multiple communication which we call the "three legged stool of lead generation." The three legged stool of lead generation includes cold calling, networking and marketing. Each one of these approaches has their own budget, planned process and projected return on investment.

What marketing methods is your firm using?
What marketing methods are most successful?

Do you know your marketing costs?

In this economy, never reduce your marketing budget. There are always buyers buying; you just don't know who they are. Instead, tighten your marketing focus on your most likely buyer based on their demographic profile, negotiate better on your vendor pricing and track your lead return on investment.

Marketing should generate qualified leads . . . or else it is a wasted investment!

To Your Revenue Success!

Walter Wise
Revenue Success Advisor
The BPI Strategy Group

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