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Meet Ed Drozda of E&D Associates Home of the Small Business Doctor

Ed Drozda After 20+ years in the healthcare industry Ed Drozda earned his certification as a business coach. His transition to the world of small business was unexpected and thus Ed has developed a unique perspective on the growth and success of small businesses. People are the core of any successful business and Ed believes that we all have the things we need to succeed. He also knows how important it is that we’re aware of our capabilities and able to access and exploit them to the fullest.

As a business coach Ed brings powerful listening, deep analysis and balanced insight to the table. He’s not afraid to step into the line of fire, to ask the hard questions and to aid in the exploration of the tough but necessary issues that impact small businesses, their owners, their employees and their clients.

Working with Ed and his cadre of specialists will enhance your ability to build a sustainably successful business. You know your business is very important; don’t wait until it’s terminal.

Stop wasting time on over the counter remedies and take decisive action now! Partner with The Small Business Doctor, to diagnose and effectively treat your business ills and  to create an environment that anticipates and manages impediments to success.

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Phone: 508-695-2146 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

Meet Lisa Stockwell of It's Your Journey



How would your life be better if you could communicate clearly, emphatically, and effectively with your clients and personal relationships?

How would your life improve if you could let go of negative attitudes, excessive needs for control, express your thoughts creatively and problem solve on the things that are most important to you?

We work with organizations, groups and individuals to enhance their communication skills, foster more ways of mindfully approaching problems, and to creatively express ideas and insights. 

Lisa Stockwell, M.Ed., has over 20 years experience presenting and working with organizations, groups and individuals in issues related to health & wellness, positive communication skills, personal development & healing. Offering inspiring workshops, retreats and coaching in effective communication skills, stress reduction, creative expression & life transitions


Phone: 603-496-7093


Email: [email protected]



Location: Concord, NH