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Cinderella's dust worthy cleaning

Networking Success Story - Laura Scott - Cinderella's Dust Worthy Cleaning

As a Small business owner, I was lucky enough to know the importance of networking prior to starting my business.  Starting a business is easy, continually Growing your business is not.  Advertising is a great tool, but it cost a lot of money.   Advertising gets your Company name out there, but it does not get your reputation out there.  Networking is the easiest and cheapest way I have found to keep my business growing.  Kevin Willet has been instrumental in helping me to continually grow my business.  Three years ago when he asked me to invest in him and his Dream, I didn't hesitate.  October is my month to renew my membership, with out hesitation I renew because I know Kevin is out there every day working for me!  Just one referral from Kevin pays for my membership for the year and then some. 

Getting a referral from Kevin is always easier than the normal "Found you on the Web" client.  They have already been recommend by Kevin so the only thing they want to know is "How soon can you Start ? "  It always amazes me how easy it is.

The other Great thing about having Kevin Willet on your team is I always know who to call when I need anything.  From where to Donate a winter coat, to finding a Plumber, a dog walker or an extra employee for the day.


I appreciate all the work he does and I am Grateful to be a " Friend Of Kevin " 

Laura Scott


Owner  of Cinderella's Dust-Worthy Cleaning