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Business Networking Tip - Control Your Devices

I was at an event recently that allowed everyone 1 minute to speak about their business. When it was my turn to speak I looked around the room and the majority of the people were looking down at their phones and a few of them had even brought their tablets and were using those as well. Now that is simply rude, both to the event organizer and the people speaking.  It was especially rude when they only stopped texting long enough to take their turn speaking! When you are at an event put your phone on silent or vibrate during it. I do understand that emergencies do happen but let’s be honest; the majority of texts and emails can wait until the end of the event. Pay attention to the speakers at networking events they may be your next big client. If they see you are not paying attention, they are not going to bother with you or your business. Please, control your devices. Don’t let them control you. 

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