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Mission Statement: 


Company Name:  Blueskies Wellness, Inc.                              

About: Blueskies Wellness, Inc. is a non-profit bullying prevention agency that is committed to ending school violence, specifically bullying, by providing a myriad of services to victims, families of victims, aggressors, school systems, youth-based recreational clubs, and other agencies. These services include consulting, referring, educating, advocating, supporting, providing training, and tracking the progress of our efforts. 

Blueskies Wellness Inc., (BSW) was conceived by Belen Godwin in 2006 while collecting research in pursuit of her PhD in Educational Psychology. After hearing the experiences of a close relative who was bullied because of a speech impediment, she was determined to study the effects of bullying and ways to prevent it.

The information she acquired on the processes that defuse academic progress in many school age children inspired her to find a solution. Particularly in the case of bullying. Blueskies Wellness, Inc., offer services in Spanish and English.

BSW was incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in the state of Massachusetts in 2011, and is affiliated with the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) in southern New Hampshire, and multiple cities in the Merrimack Valley.

List of Services: At Blueskies Wellness, Inc., we offer and array of services.

Our bullying prevention services include:

  • One to one counseling to victims and aggressors
  • Consulting to design local anti-bullying programs in a school or district
  • Consulting to evaluate and improve existing programs
  • Consulting to help schools on difficult cases
  • Training teachers to be effective in spotting and stopping bullying
  • Education for parents on how to identify bullying signs and involve them in bullying prevention activities



Phone: 978-655-1823

Email: [email protected]





Location:  Lawrence, MA 01840 (as of March 1st, Methuen, MA 01843 


Member Reference: 
Belen Godwin