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Buying or selling real estate is a process that requires the right resources to help you make informed decisions toward a successful real estate transaction. These resources include the ability to search for homes, get school and neighborhood reports, and basic real estate information to help you understand the entire process. As a real estate professional, I am here to provide you with the tools you need to complete your home sale or purchase with ease! As a local area expert with knowledge of the communities, my objective is to work diligently to assist you in meeting your real estate goals. If you are considering buying or selling a home or would just like to have additional information about real estate in your area, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me.









Lawrence General Hospital coming soon to your TV!


Independent Investor June 2013 Newsletter from Matthew Schwartz

LPL Independent Investor

June 2013


How to Work With a Financial Advisor


The continuously shifting investment climate, the sheer number of investment products to choose from and the emergence of employee-driven retirement savings plans, such as 401(k) plans, have all contributed to the increased need for qualified financial advice. No matter what your level of investment experience or sophistication, you may benefit from developing a relationship with a financial advisor.


Financial Advisor: What’s in a Name?

A qualified financial advisor is trained to analyze your personal financial situation and prepare a program designed to help you pursue your financial goals and objectives. It might be helpful to think of your financial advisor as a kind of doctor for your financial health.


Financial advisors (also called financial planners or financial consultants) can earn certifications or designations by completing accredited courses of study. Two of the most common are the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM (CFP®) certificat ion, which is awarded by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc., and the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation, which is awarded by the American College of Financial Services located in Bryn Mawr, PA.


Financial advisors are often trained as accountants, lawyers, insurance agents or stockbrokers—all professions that have a relationship to different aspects of your financial well-being. Because of this association with another profession, a financial advisor frequently will specialize in a specific type of financial planning, such as retirement planning or estate and trust planning.


Financial advisors are usually compensated in one of three ways. They may:

  • Charge a fee for their time and service, but sell nothing.
  • Give free advice, but charge a commission on transactions involving investment products such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds and insurance products.
  • Charge both a fee and commission on transactions.


Benefits of Working With a Financial Advisor

Most people can benefit from professional guidance when they venture into the complex world of managing their financial affairs. A financial advisor will be able to assess your risk tolerance, analyze your resources and current asset allocation, take into account your tax liability, and make investment recommendations in the form of a written financial plan. The plan should help ensure that your current and future assets are used to their best advantage given your financial situation and financial goals.


Building a Strong Relationship


Knowing what to expect from a financial advisor can help establish a long and successful relationship. Here are some preliminary questions to ask to he lp you evaluate whether an advisor would be a good fit for you.


  • What is your educational background?
  • What, if anything, did you do before becoming a financial advisor?
  • Do you offer specific or general recommendations?
  • Will you help implement these recommendations?
  • Do you offer financial advice on non-investment issues, such as estate law or taxes?
  • If so, at what point would you bring in someone else to help?
  • How do you keep in touch with your clients?


The First Meeting

At your first meeting, you and your advisor will identify your financial needs and investment goals. Although it sounds simple, this can be harder than you think. Your advisor will be able to ask you the right questions to help you determine what your goals are, just in case you aren’t sure yourself.


To prepare for your first meeting, call your advisor and ask what documents and information you should bring. These may include essential documents such as a will, copies of insurance policies, pension information and investment account statements. In addition, you should be prepared to answer or at least discuss the following questions:


  • When do you plan to retire? How do you envision your retirement lifestyle? Do you have any retirement savings?
  • What is your current income and rate of savings? Do you anticipate a change in jobs, leaving a job to stay home with children or starting your own business?
  • Do you have plans to fund or help fund your children’s education?
  • Are you prepared for the unexpected? If you lost your job, had a serious accident or illness, would you be prepared financially?
  • Do you have a will? Have you consi dered the tax implications of transferring your estate to your heirs?


Once you have established your investment goals and objectives, your advisor will create a plan and review it with you. Among the plan’s key objectives may be ensuring that you have sufficient insurance, that you have cash reserves to meet unexpected financial needs and that specific short- and long-term goals are addressed. The plan may also involve reallocating some or all of your assets into more suitable investments aligned with your risk tolerance and investment goals. In addition, the plan should recommend where to invest future assets (regular savings or lump-sum payments), and how much you will ne ed to save to work toward your financial goals.


After you and your advisor have agreed on and implemented a plan of action, all you need to do is schedule annual financial reviews to make sure the plan continues to work to your satisfaction and that none of your goals have changed over time. For example, be sure to inform your advisor if you have a major change in your life, such as a change in marital status, the birth of a child, a change in income or the receipt of an inheritance.


Taking Charge

By deciding to consult a financial advisor, you have begun to take charge of your finances. Over time, your advisor may become a trusted friend and confidant. And together, you will have implemented a strategy to help maximize the earning power of your assets.


This article was prepared by S&P Capital IQ Financial Communications and is not intended to provide specific investment advice or recommendatio ns for any individual. Please consult me if you have any questions.


Because of the possibility of human or mechanical error by S&P Capital IQ Financial Communications or its sources, neither S&P Capital IQ Financial Communications nor its sources guarantees the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, or availability of any information and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information. In no event shall S&P Capital IQ Financial Communications be liable for any indirect, special, or consequen tial damages in connection with subscribers’ or others’ use of the content.

Tracking #: 1-170252


Pro-Turf Landscaping Summer Special


Resume for Richard Samson

Richard Samson


Email: [email protected]                             232 Eastern Avenue, Unit 102,

Phone: 603-447-2538                                                                         Manchester, NH 03104






Seeking a position as an Accountantin an exciting and challenging organization which gives me ample opportunity to learn and grow along with the organization, and to prove myself worth of shouldering leadership responsibilities.







  • 6 years of experienceasCost accountant at California Products Corporation, Andover, MA
  • 9 years of experience as a Staff accountant  at Alvin J. Coleman & Son, Inc., Conway, NH
  • Self-directed and able to work well under pressure in a dynamic environment
  • Possess good communication skills, interpersonal, organizational, self starter, independent working with minimal supervision
  • Leadership skills with an ability to adapt to changing environments.




  1. 1.     California Products Corporation, Andover, MA (   Cost Accountant) (2007-2-2013`)

 2007 to 2012


● Filed monthly, quarterly and annual sales taxes

● End of Month Adjusting Journal Entries for inventory

● Physical Inventory

● Reconciliation of inventory

● Costing Products

● Communication with state Tax Auditors

● Product Formula Accuracy

● Sales Analysis Report         


  1. 2.     Alvin J. Coleman & Son, Inc., Conway, NH (            Staff Accountant) (1997-2007)
  • ● G/L Reconciliation
  • ● Reconciliation of several checking accounts

● Cash Reconciliation

  • ● Quarterly I.F.T.A. Fuel Tax
  • ● Prepared Federal Tax Form 8849
  • ● Accounts Payables Reconciliation
  • ● Recording of G/L for Payables
  • ● Verified Incoming Invoices

            ● Posting of Accounts Payable

            ● Resolve Vendor  and Contractor Disputes

  • ● Maintained up to date Certificates of Insurance and lien releases

            ● Did Direct Deposits - Payroll

            ● Prepared Certified Payroll Reports – Monthly Utilization Report



  • ● EEO Officer – Held  Annual Meetings – Monthly meetings for job Sites
  • ● Job Status Reports
  • ● Processing credit card payments
  • ● Set-Up computers for Job Site
  • ● Monitored and tracked cell phone usage.







  • Software: MS office 2010(Word, Excel, Outlook).
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows XP and Mac OS X.
  • Development Tools/Application Software:SageMas 500,View point,Main Star,





  • BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE (Major in Accounting) fromSouthernNew Hampshire University, Manchester, NH in 05/1997







               Federal Taxation, Advanced Accounting 1 & 2, Auditing and Cost Accounting


Paradigm Plumbing & Heating Inc is a winner of the 2013 Best of HomeAdvisor award!

 Best of HomeAdvisor Award






Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C June Newsletter



Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and A/C




"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; and an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."  - Winston Churchill





Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C.


June is here which means Summer is right around the corner! 


Take alook at our mini-splits topics below. Then give us a call or simple reply to our newsletter to schedule your cleaning repairs or A/C install quote.

Find out more here!



The Paradigm Team includes you! Please be prepared to provide important information so that we can be equipped to diagnosis your 



- Make, model, serial number on equipment.
- Fuel source: oil, natural gas, propane
- Install date:  year
- Is there any current warranty
- Did Paradigm install the equipment
- Last date service and last date cleaned
- Unusual odors, sounds or no sounds
- Any leaks around the unit
- Any break in power to home



"Some customers claim to save between 25-40% fuel savings over the course of a year. Find our more at"



How Are We Doing?

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What They Can Offer You


Mini-splits offer a great solution to location, installation and expense concerns when considering air conditioning your home. The added bonus of a mini-split is that some models also have a heat pump. This offers you a secondary heat source or can replace an old heating system with this as your primary heat. Residential, commercial, new or existing structures are all candidates. Let us explain how a mini-split system can keep you and your family comfortable.  Find out more here!



Where Will They Work?


Where Will a Mini-Split Work For You?


Installation requires no duct work and these systems have the flexibility to fit virtually anywhere. Since it is a ductless system, this means mini-splits are efficient and environmentally friendly. You can utilize mini-splits just about anywhere!


Historic homes, radiant (hydronic) heat, Residential additions, Vacation home/cabin, Schools (individual classroom control), Churches, Hospitals, Restaurants, Remote offices/warehouses, Arena sky boxes, ATMs/office lobbies, Computer/Server room.



Congrats to May's Winner!



A big congratulations to Gary Rule for winning a gift certificate from our social media contest last month! Make sure to be social with us and be a part of our social media contests for a chance to win!


Winners cannot be repeated within a one year period.



Are You Entitled to a Rebate?




ENERGY STAR is providing a program for mail-in rebates for the purchase and installation of high efficiency ENERGY STAR residential heating, cooling and water heating equipment when replacing existing equipment or for new construction.


To find out more about this rebate, CLICK HERE!



$300 off

HVAC Install




Print Out Your Coupon Today!

Looking to save some money this year? Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C has you covered! Print out this coupon and you can save big bucks!


Offer Expires 06/30/2013. One Coupon per household. Please mention this offer before service or installation. Must have coupon printed at time of service. 






(T) 603-641-6400

(F) 603-641-6405




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Networking Success Story: Kevin O'Rourke - Community Values Magazine

Networking and Community Values Advertising

In the year 2002, the month of June, I started my Community Values Advertising Magazine. The same month I also joined my first networking group.


According to Wiki: Business networking is a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded business people recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities. 

What this means to me is I meet up with a group of people that I have come to know and trust as friends and we help each other grow our business by asking for the type of client we would like to have. I can ask for specifics. The person in charge of adverting at a particular restaurant or gym. The person I ask might have the opportunity to contact this person and let them know that I will be contacting them. When I make the call to set an appointment the contact person knows that I will be calling and accepts my call. My closing rate on these referrals is very high. In return when someone in the group asks for a referral I do my best to return the favor to a friend.

This week I attended a Friends Of Kevin breakfast meeting and my daughter in law came along. One of my accounts was also present and introduced me to someone she feels would benefit from advertising in my magazine. My daughter in law was so impressed with the group and Kevin that she is going to join.

Here is a quick rundown of what happened. I show up with my daughter in law. We have coffee and pastries. We talk a little bit with other members who I know fairly well at this point. I have a great opportunity for a new client thanks to a current client. Kevin gets a new member and my daughter in law see’s a great opportunity to kick off for her “ Dream of a life time, business that she has wanted to do for a long time.


Ok. What is wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing. Come and check out the next Friends Of Kevin event and see how it works for you.

A little about Community Values. My wife has been a publisher for 17 years and myself for 10.  We publish 5 times a year and are delivered by the Post Office so it is free to the resident. What is most important to our clients, in most categories, we offer exclusive advertising so your business is the only business of its type in the  magazine. You have no compition. We put your ad on our and .mobi sites so people can print your ad for redemption or redeem it on their smart phone. Also a link to your website. If you are interested it advertising in our magazine contact Kevin Willett and get a firsthand look on how networking works.


Kevin & Evie O’Rourke



Community Values Advertising Magazine

CTI's Summer Financial Literacy Institute for High School Students

Summer Financial Literacy Institute for High School Students

The Summer Financial Literacy Institute teaches real-world personal finance skills to local high school students. Students will learn how to budget, handle credit cards, how to set financial goals, and how to create an action plan to achieve their financial goals.

Students also learn how personal choices determine their roles as participants in the greater economy, and how the greater economy influences the decisions they make. This applied knowledge will give them the knowledge and confidence to successfully navigate the major financial decisions to come.


Students will meet for three days and cover the following topics:


Day 1: Money and Debt Management

• Track daily spending habits.

• Understand credit reports.

• Identify ways to decrease spending.

• Credit cards & loans.

• Identify possible ways to increase income.

• Identify helpful budgeting tools.

• Managing bills

• Creating a plan to achieve financial goals

Day 2: Consumer Economics

Students will learn to make informed decisions as they explore the opportunity cost associated with each consumer choice.


Day 3: Reality Fair

The Reality Fair will be an interactive activity where students have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge they gained during the past two days by making the best money decisions for themselves based on their predetermined career and salary.


Dates: July 17-19, 2013                             Time: 9:00am-12:00pm


Location: Community Teamwork Inc.

                 155 Merrimack Street

                Lowell, MA 01852

 For More Information or to regsiter, please call Gladys at (978) 654-5673 or go onto

May with Mill City Grows

Growing for Lowell!

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Mill City Grows - Urban Community Farm Launch!

We are growing a sustainable Lowell!

We are excited to announce that Mill City Grows launched Lowell's first Pop-Up Urban Farm at Mill No. 5 on Middlesex last week!  Read below to learn more about the Urban Farm, our new community gardens, and upcoming events and workshops.

Happy Growing!
Lydia & Francey



The Pop-Up Urban Community Farm - created in partnership with Mill No. 5!


The Urban Community Farm has Launched!!

Mill City Grows is launching the city of Lowell’s first Urban Farm at Mill No. 5 on Middlesex Street!

The Pop-Up Urban Community Farm will be an educational food production site, home to regular classes and special events for city residents interested in urban farming. Volunteers are welcome to participate in all phases of food production during regular volunteer days.
All vegetables grown will be sold at our stand at the Lowell Farmers Market, as well as at Mill City Grows’ own Pilot Mobile Market, visiting neighborhoods across Lowell this summer.  Additionally, Mill City Grows will partner with organizations and restaurants that share a passion for healthy, fresh food to provide quality produce to their customers, including Mill No. 5's very own Farm-to-Table Cafe which opens in late July!

The space for the Pop-Up Urban Farm is owned by Mill No. 5, who has generously partnered up with Mill City Grows to transform the lot into an innovative urban food production site!
Mill City Grows received a $5,000 prize earlier this year from the Merrimack Valley Sandbox, which will support infrastructure and programming at the Urban Community Farm.  Read more about our Time in the Sandbox in this Merrimack Vally Magazine article.

For more information on the Urban Community Farm visit our website or email [email protected] and for more information on Mill No. 5 visit their website!



Sowing the Seeds of Community - Garden Build Day!

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who came out to help build Mill City Grows' two new Community Gardens on Smith Street and West Third Street, as well as the Coalition for a Better Acre's Whiting Street Garden and the Lowell Alliance for Families and Neighborhoods' Franklin Court Garden!  This day was an amazing show of the work that can get done when a group of dedicated citizens comes together to create change!  Click Here for more information on our Community Garden Program and to see a great article the Lowell Sun wrote about the gardens click here.


Upcoming Events and Workshops:

Saturday, June 8th 10am - 12pm: Gardener Training Program - Organic Pest and Disease Management in the Garden!  Location: Urban Community Farm at 230 Middlesex Street. 

Monday, July 1st 5:30 - 7:30pm: Farm to Cocktail - Mill City Grows' Fundraiser! Location: Fuse Bistro, 45 Palmer Street.

Thursday, July 11th 6 - 9pm: Mill City Grows' Stories Exhibit: Photographs by Meghan Moore and video by Lowell Telecommunications! Location: LTC, 246 Market St.


The School Community came out and built this amazing garden with us!


Mill City Grows' first School Garden Installed!

The Wang and Pawtucektville Memorial Schools teamed up with Mill City Grows, the Pawtucketville Citizens Council, and Lowell Recycling to launch a School Garden!  Thanks to all of the volunteers, the school community & Garden Coordinator Institute Graduates for helping to build an amazing School Garden in only 1 day!  Special thanks to the Toxic Use Reduction Institute for generously funding the project which will teach the school community about reducing toxins in our environment through organic gardening.  For more information on our School Garden Program please visit our website.


Join us for our Pilot Mobile Market this season!!

Saturday, July 13th - Rotary Community Garden (9am - 12noon) & Franklin Court Garden (1pm - 4pm)
Saturday, August 24th- Smith Street (9am - 12noon) & West Third Community Garden (1pm - 4pm)
Saturday, September 14th- Rotary Community Garden (9am - 12noon) & Whiting Street Garden (1pm - 4pm)
Saturday, October 19th- Smith Street (9am - 12noon) & West Third Community Garden (1pm - 4pm)

For more information visit out website!