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Great Networking Story featuring my friend Steve Labbe from Paradigm Plumbing and Heating





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Why it Pays to Know Your Competition!

BNI New Hampshire Plumber Passes
$500,000 Referral to Competitor


We are excited to share with you today the following BNI success story about two of our very own BNI New Hampshire members! We encourage you to take a moment to read how these two gentlemen have not only grown their businesses by utilizing the systems set in place by BNI, but how they have been working together despite being competitors. Enjoy!


Steve Labbe & Keith Mercier

"This is an organization where anybody here will help you with your business. It's that kind of sharing from the top down. They want to see everybody else succeed," Emory Cowan, Co-Executive Director BNI Colorado.


This quote comes from the Givers Gain book that all BNI members receive upon attending their first MSP and it couldn't be more spot on when discussing a recent $500,000 referral passed in the New Hampshire region from one Plumber to (wait for it)... another Plumber. That's right, one member passed a half a million dollar referral to his competitor which has resulted in the two passing millions of dollars of business to one another.


Steve Labbe is a member of the BNI Wolf Pack chapter and has been a part of the organization for six years. His business, Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. specializes in plumbing, heating, air conditioning and bathroom showers and tubs, as well as sewer and drain service. Keith Mercier is a member of the Power House Networking Chapter and has been a member of the organization for four years. Keith's business, Progressive Mechanical Inc. specializes in plumbing and heating with contractors that specialize in plumbing gas and forced hot water installations for residential, commercial, & industrial buildings. In 2012, Keith was honored as BNI New Hampshire's Member of the Year as he passed 117 referrals, brought in 35 visitors, did 201 one-to-one's, 121 CEUs and passed $284,609 in closed business.


Over the years Steve and Keith have developed a strong business relationship, despite being competitors, as evidenced through the recent referrals passed. Both gentlemen view BNI as an opportunity to help one another work cooperatively vs. competitively in order to benefit their individual businesses. Their relationship began a few years ago when Steve asked Keith to a one-to-one. After sitting down together, the two gentlemen found that their sweet spots in business were different (Steve prefers remodeling, repairs and replacement and Keith prefers complete system installations and construction). They each also offer specialized services that the other does not. The two soon realized the potential of working together under two principles:  

1. There is an abundance of business for each of them. 

2. Together they are stronger. 


"Steve coined the phrase "copetitors" and we began working together in small ways to build trust by referring work, sharing information , tools, material and manpower," said Keith Mercier. "I like and trust Steve like a brother and I have found that the stronger our relationship becomes the more both our companies prosper because of it. It is mind blowing that we are passing millions in business by using the fundamentals of BNI while in the same profession."


Steve passed a referral to Keith which lead to a $250,000 referral. The builder was pleased with Keith's performance and is sending him a contract for $500,000. The beginning of this referral began last year when Rob Schaefer from David and White Architects joined the BNI Wolf Pack and he and Steve did a one-to-one. During their meeting Rob had mentioned he had a chance for Steve to bid on a 24 unit building up north. Steve told him it was not his specialty but that his trusted friend Keith was who he would refer a job like that to. Steve then asked Rob if he would like to meet Keith, and he did. Keith hit it off big time with Rob and closed the 24 unit building AND another. Steve noted that he was so happy to help Keith because they both understand that working together is the way to get their businesses to the next level, and they are. In return Keith has given Steve countless referrals for sewers, boiler - burner retrofits, your everyday plumbing service call and additionally, manpower when they both get so busy they need help. To note, Steve just closed a $ 47,500.00 referral from Keith in Massachusetts for a duplex plumbing, heating and gas piping system.


"I am so very blessed to have such an amazing friend and referral partner in Keith, "said Steve Labbe. "Keep your eye on us we are going to the top because we understand Givers Gain® and winning together. Nothing will ever get in the way of our friendship and we both have BNI to thank for this success. We are coachable and have learned this way of being from Dr. Ivan Misner and the Roberts family who owns our region. Thank you BNI we want you to join in our success."


Members have joined BNI to generate more business through referrals and are taught that the way to build their business is by helping other people build their business. The entire BNI NH team is beyond proud of the camaraderie between Steve and Keith and incredibly proud of the example they lead for all of our members. We hope that by sharing this story that more people can only further see that givers truly do gain! A true testament to the BNI way!



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Check out this article from the Nashua Telegraph regarding local real estate


Great article in the Nashua Telegraph regarding home pricing and rising sales in the local market  . Contact Missy Adams of The Adams Home Team for more great info. Telephone:603-883-8400


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Looking for introductions to people who book acts for local music venues

I am trying to get in contact with someone that either is or knows someone that is affiliated with a club, preferably 150-300 person capacity range that would want a blues and soul musician playing in their club. This is the same person I mentioned to you earlier, Roberto Morbioli, and he is coming back to the New England at the end of the year. Any assistance you might be able to provide in connecting me with such an individual would be gratefully appreciated,

Friends of Kevin Online Networking Event - August 1st at 7pm

Friends of Kevin Online Networking Event -  August 1st at 7pm

The Friends of Kevin Networking Group will be hosting an online networking event on August 1st at 7pm. Space is limited to 9 people and you must pre-register to attend.

What you need to participate:

You need to have a Google+ account

You need a computer or tablet with a camera and microphone

You need a Headset to eliminate background noise.

How it works:

Each participant will receive 5 minutes to speak. Please send me 3 questions to ask you about your business. We will then have 15 minutes for questions at the end. The event starts right at 7pm so please sign on at about 650pm to make sure that you don’t experience any technical difficulties. The event will be recorded and posted to youtube, facebook, twitter and linkedin to help promote your business.


The cost to attend is $10.00

Link to register

Things to remember

Please remember we are recording the event and that you are always on the screen so please don’t leave the room.

Be cautious of what is behind you when you attend the online events. You want to make sure that it looks professional.


Please be cautious of your family and pets making noise in the background. I really need you to find a quiet place to attend the events.

Delicious no-cook recipes for the summer from Dawn Bell and Healthful Horizons

Summer learning opportunities and no-cook recipes

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Healthful Horizons | Dawn Bell, Certified Health Coach

Hello, Kevin! How have you been enjoying your summer? I've been getting outside as much as possible, but I've also had some fantastic summer teaching opportunities. Just last week I partnered with Dr. Abbey Denaro at Denaro Chiropractic to present a workshop on my favorite topic: healthy digestion! We had a great interactive group and everyone took away some food for thought. If you missed out, see below for your next free learning opportunity in holistic nutrition. I've also been experimenting and learning a lot myself in the kitchen lately, and I'm excited to share my latest original recipes with you - enjoy!

Be well,
Dawn (Oulton) Bell

Certified Health Coach, AADP

You are invited!!
Are you stuck in the cycle of sugar cravings? Do you find yourself bouncing from one sugary snack to another all day long? Have you given up on reducing sugar in your diet because of how terrible you feel without it?

You are not alone, and that is why Cravings Be Gone is here to help! In this FREE teleclass we will:

  • Get to the bottom of why we crave sugar
  • Learn why willpower is not the key to beating sugar cravings
  • Gain tools to manage sugar cravings without deprivation!

PLUS for the first time I will be sharing my Top Five Sweet Tooth Satisfiers. These delicious and easy snack recipes will give your body the kind of sugar it needs without disappointing your taste buds, and will arm you for success against the craving cycle. 

This teleclass will be recorded, so please feel free to register even if you can’t be there in person. And of course please bring a friend!


Eventbrite - Cravings Be Gone!

Food Focus: Heat-less Snacks & Sides

As the heat continues and the fresh vegetables and berries come rolling in from my CSA farm share, I have been experimenting with more recipes that require no cooking! This week try my Cleansing Red Slaw as a cooling side dish, or my Summer Fruit Salad for a refreshing dessert.


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Upcoming Events

Cravings Be Gone! (July 29, 7:00 p.m. Eastern)


Nourishing Energy (August 27, 8:00 p.m., Dracut, MA)


About Dawn
As a health coach, I understand that there is no one perfect diet for everyone, and that good nutrition is about more than just food. I am committed to helping others learn how to nourish themselves in the best way possible. Learn how I can help you resolve the effects of unsupportive foods and stress on your digestion and your overall health at


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