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Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accounting and Tax services

AboutWhat does your current tax and business advisor do for you?  

Steven Feinberg, CPA and the staff of Appletree Business Services are in the business of creating business financial confidence for clients by helping them to better understand how money works in their business. 

Every small business owner needs to know where they stand today whether it’s with regard to their cash-flow, how much tax they might owe quarterly or at year end, whether they can make a capital investment, understanding payroll, hitting sales goals, knowing if they are pricing their products or services right, even knowing how much is in their bank account.  

As accountants, we help small business owners with a disciplined approach, so they understand where their business is NOW, giving them the confidence to know where their business is GOING, and helping them know, with certainty, what their business, tax, and payroll situations look like in the big picture.  

We do this with our unique and simple 6 step process, a  “Business Financial Confidence Map”,  that we provide FREE to new clients.  

Appletree Business Services, “Small Business Confidence…Simple and Accountable”  

List of Services:  

  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Bookeeping
  • Payroll
  • Business Consulting  

Steven A. Feinberg, CPA, owner of Appletree Business Services, has over 28 years experience working on Federal and New Hampshireissues affecting small business, and specializes in tax, payroll and business planning for his clients throughout the year.. He is sole author and contributor to the popular blog, The Appletree Core, a frequent contributor to the NH Business Review and the BtoB online network.  Steve is a recognized member-contributor of the book, Six Steps to Small Business Success. 

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