Nick Aalerud

Short Sale Mitigation
Short Sale Negotiation

About: Formerly from the financial industry, Nick started his own real estate investment firm in 2005 and currently works on growing his team and becoming an indispensable professional for people who can utilize any of the services his companies offer.

With an emphasis on building relationships & perfecting business systems, he's grown his firm to operate as a full service real estate company:

  • Short Sale Negotiation ( :  for real estate agents & attorneys)

  • Renovations & "Problem Property" Acquisitions (estate sales, failed septics, bankruptcy,      divorce, probate, bio-hazard, elderly care,

  • Land Acquisition & Development (tear downs & subdivisions)

  • Real Estate Agency & Brokerage (AA Premier Properties)

  • Private Real Estate Lending Programs (IRA & non-IRA funds can be used)

He provides classes for real estate agents & people interested in the real estate investment industry all throughout MA, NH & Maine.  Along with his short sale partner Maryann, he has also taught attorneys his short sale program at the MCLE (Massachusetts Continuing Education).  A local speaker & educator, Nick above all values relationship building and is happy to support local networking groups.

Location: 500 West Cummings Park, Suite 3150, Woburn, MA  01801 


Email[email protected]