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Meet Marc Lancaric of Global Patriot Adjusters


As public insurance adjusters, Marc Lancaric and his team, are independent from any insurance company and only represent property owners & renters. You will never pay us any fee up front for consultation from a public insurance adjuster. We are paid when we collect money for you. Simply said; We get paid when you get paid.

At Global Patriot Adjusters, our company has a guiding principle that pervades everything we do. We seek to not only provide you a service as public insurance adjusters, but to be a true partner in bringing about every dollar that is deserved on any insurance claim.  We find success by taking special care and accountability fore each of our client’s claims and by doing what is necessary to bring our client’s claims to settlement.We are determined to assist in maximizing fair settlement in each claim processed by Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC. As public adjusters we work for you, the policyholder, exclusively.

Contact us for a free no obligation consultation or for advice on how to proceed

Phone: 800-654-3041 

Email: [email protected]