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Mission Statement: 

Company Name:     Saber Law Offices, Licensed in Massachusetts

Services: Law Office specializing in Bankruptcy, Debt Reduction, Mortgage Modification, Business law to include formation of LLC, Corporation, etc. and Create and review business contracts, and Family Law.  

About the Law Firm:  Saber Law Offices’ goal is to bring high quality legal services, great customer service, and affordable fees to consumers.  When you contact our office you will be dealing directly with the attorney.  We understand how important your problems are to you, and want to learn as much as possible about the situation you are facing.  Our initial consultation with you is free, in-depth and thorough.  We take as much time as needed to learn about you and to determine we can best help your legal concerns. 

List of Services:

Bankruptcy:  Saber Law Offices focuses on helping families and businesses take control of overwhelming debts.  Our clients typically have many concerns.  Issues such as foreclosures, wage garnishments, pending lawsuits, and harassing phone calls are all difficult issues to deal with, and handling them quickly and efficiently can make life much easier.   Bankruptcy is a legal option, governed by the Federal Bankruptcy Code and designed for the specific purposes of helping consumers.   Credit card companies and other lenders have their own protections, but when it comes to debt relief, the law is on you side. 

Business Law: Saber Law Offices can help you and your business partners determine the best business structure and venue to meet the needs and priorities of your new enterprise. We have the experience to help you form and protect your small business so that it is situated for success from the time of business incorporation and throughout its years of operation.

When your business is prepared to draft or execute contracts, file or defend a contract dispute, or resolve a business dispute, call on Saber Law Offices.   Our firm understands how important it is for your business to draft contracts right the first time or efficiently litigate disputes.  

Family Law:  Saber Law Offices is there to help when you face the prospect of divorce or other family law difficulties; you need the best legal counsel possible. Saber Law Offices specializes in divorce, child custody, child support and other family law matters. We handle both contested and uncontested matters with the highest degree of both caring, and professionalism.

We strongly believe in the power of negotiation and working with our clients to mediate and carefully craft their own agreements whenever possible, especially when children are involved.  In most situations, our strength and expertise enables our clients to negotiate settlements without having to go to trial.  This lets you reduce the bitterness involved in the process, obtain the best result in the shortest time, and keeps your costs down. 

We have the needed expertise inside the courtroom.  We are experienced in all aspects of the discovery process, motion practice and depositions leading to trial. We know the system, the people in it, the difficulties that can arise and many of the tendencies of individual judges. We will work closely with you to carefully evaluate all aspects of your case, to develop a trial strategy and to carefully implement that strategy at trial.


Contact Information:   Phone -  603-732-3055, e-mail