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Meet Ana St Louis of Living Legacy Financial Group Inc.


Ana St Louis operates out of her Dracut, MA office as a specialist in Life Insurance, Disabilty Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance. She will work with you to identify the right strategies to achieve and protect your goals and your dreams.

Insurance transfers the financial risk of life's events to an insurance company. A sound insurance strategy can help protect your family from the financial consequences of those events. A strategy can include personal insurance, liability insurance, and life insurance. 

Do you have a strategy? Ana is waiting for your call so she can help.

Contact Ana: Phone 978-995-3338 | Email

Friends of Kevin Guest Blog Post from Brett Brunault - Are you making the most of your health insurance plan?

Are you making the most of your health insurance plan?


This country is changing drastically over the course of the next two years in relation to health care reform.   Many people are confused about health care reform and what it entails regarding regulations and what this means for their given situation.  Health insurance brokers have and will be a guiding light to individuals and small businesses owners who need answers on where we are headed and what options exist amongst this change. 

Brokers are independent, sell for multiple companies, offer many options, and are typically paid on commission by insurance companies not the consumer.  Brokers can typically offer a more vast benefits package in comparison to a captive agent who works directly for only one insurance company, and therefore may be limited in what they can offer. Brokers can help the group and non-group markets in terms of sorting through plans offered by various carriers as well as identify potential cost savings programs in which clients may be eligible. 

Many people take the burden of identifying the appropriate health care plan on themselves by spending endless hours online conducting research and could benefit from some professional guidance.  Independent brokers commonly work non-traditional business hours, and therefore can serve as valuable in meeting the busy business owner on evenings or weekends.   They can identify useful benefits including potential fitness, yoga, and diet reimbursement programs, as well as preventative dental offerings within the plans available that may suit the individual client’s lifestyle that they would not have realized without them.  In addition to the flexibility of reaching your broker outside of a 9-5 atmosphere, they can keep you up to date with changes in the laws especially around health care reform and identify opportunities in an ever changing environment. 

A common mistake people make is choosing their property and casualty agent to make their health care plan decisions.  There is a lot more servicing of clients involved in the property casualty market in which would take up a considerable amount of that agent’s time and attention.  An important thing to remember is that liability insurance and health insurance are two different markets with many different rules and regulations to follow.  It would be wise to make sure that that agent is fully knowledgeable on the health market and not simply writing the policy as a courtesy.  With this difference in mind would you trust your plumber to fix an electrical issue you are experiencing?

Overall, with health insurance commonly rated as the second largest monthly expense, next to a mortgage, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you are making an informed decision in relation to that expense?  Working with a professional who specializes in the field is imperative to making the best decisions and utilizing opportunities as they arise.  If you or someone you know wants to review your benefits at any time to ensure that you are properly placed and getting the most out of your health plan feel free to call me.  603 303 3712.

Brett Brunault – Licensed Health and Life Insurance Broker MA & NH

Friends of Kevin Guest Blog post from Jack Wang - This hits pretty close

This hits pretty close…



As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the Intensive Care waiting room at a local hospital.  I’m sitting with someone close to me, whose father was admitted to the ICU after what was supposed to be a routine surgery.


By all appearances, the father and his family is a typical, normal family.  He’s age 61, and the wife is in her mid 40’s, and together they have a 10 year old son.  After a long career in telecommunications, the father was downsized last year and essentially retired.


As a result of the surgery, he currently has limited feeling in his arms and legs.  He’s on a respirator.  And the doctor didn’t mince any words when he said that this is going to be a long process.  Who knows when he’ll get out of ICU.  After getting out of the hospital, he’s looking a months of rehab.


The wife is asking questions about her husband’s medical condition, and options and so forth.  All things you would expect.  And the family is of course distraught.


I’m not close enough to the family to know much about their finances and the family dynamics.  Still, it’s difficult for me with the daughter.  Her father is lying in a hospital bed in a very precarious situation.  I’m rather distraught for her.


With paralysis a real possibility, the wife is thinking about their life and all of the things that will change.


Helping out at the son’s school and picking him up from school every day.


Helping out at the Cub Scout meetings.


Skating and playing hockey together.


Going up and down the stairs of their 2 story home.


As the daughter just said, “Normal is over for them.”


From a financial standpoint, I do know a few things.


Even if everything goes perfectly, the minimum amount of time before they will receive a disability check from Social Security is about 7 months.  Information about Social Security disability is here.

At age 61, the father is not eligible to apply for Social Security retirement benefits.  Early retirement starts at age 62.

Though their income will be higher with disability payments (he wasn’t working anyway), there will be extra costs associated with this health issue.

The number 1 reason for bankruptcy in this country is unreimbursed/uninsured medical costs and financial impact associated with medical issues.


What costs?  Think about what the family is facing.


§         Rehab sessions, which may or may not be insured.


§         Transportation to and from those sessions.


§         Possibility of having a visiting nurse to help with daily activities.


§         Possibility of the wife having to take time off of work for transportation and the impact on her wages.


§         After school care for the son since the wife works full time.


§         Counseling for their son to emotionally deal with the situation.


§         Renovating the house since the father won’t be able to get up and down the stairs.  Or possibly selling the house and moving.


§         And hiring a lawn and/or snow removal service.


I have no idea if the family can weather the impact.  But if they are like the typical American family with little or no savings and tight budgets, this will be a big problem for them unfortunately.


Disability happens all too often and in ways that no one expects.


You can draw your own conclusions from this sad situation.


If this happened to you, would you be prepared to handle this financially?


If not, what are you going to do?




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