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Summer series workshop 2013 from Community Teamwork ( CTI)

Summer Series Workshop 2013

The Family Finance Solutions Program at Community Teamwork Inc. is empowering individuals and families to make sound financial decisions through the provision of quality training, education, and resources. Below is our summer series of workshops.


Workshops are free; include childcare and pizza for dinner.


                             Registration is required. Limited Spaces for Childcare




WEDNESDAYS from 6:00 -7:15pm


June 5

Get Smart About Credit



June 12

Finances for Couples Part 1: 

Understanding Your Family Money Decisions




June 19

Finances for Couples Part 2: 

Creating a Plan for Your Household



June 26

Adapting to Sudden Life Changes



July 24

Talking to Your Kids about Money



July 31

Building a Savings Cushion




Summer Workshops Series will be held at:


CTI’s James Houlares Early Learning Center - 126 Phoenix Ave Lowell MA 01852



To register today or for more information, please call Gladys at (978) 654-5673 or online at






Jobs at Oracle

1. Business dev experts : Candidates with Graduate degree , with 2 years of sales experience. Best in IT sector. Salary : 60K+ . 10 positions 


2. Sales reps , Inside sales : Graduate degree , 5 to 7+ years of sales experience in IT, or associated sales. Salary 130K+ , 10 positions


Please note - positions are starting to fill up. Please send resumes to [email protected] 

Earth Day, Comcast Cares Day Event Details from Groundwork Lawrence



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Upcoming Events 


Earth Day, Comcast Cares Day 

April 27, 2013


Learn more>>


Root Cause Social Innovation Forum Showcase

May 9, 2013 in Boston


Learn more>>


Spicket River Greenway Ribbon Cutting 

Monday June 3, 2013 10 am


Kite Festival

Saturday June 8, 2013


Learn more>>




Groundwork Lawrence
is Hiring!

Education Program Coordinator

Learn more>>




Farmer Dave's CSA 2013 Registration still open!

During sign-up please consider donating to GWL's Share-A-Share™ Program


Sign up for the CSA>> 

Donate to Share-a-Share>>






April 2013 E-update 




Earth Day, Comcast Cares Day 

Event Details

It's supposed to be a lovely spring day on Saturday-- a perfect day to help clean and beautify the city of Lawrence  in celebration of Groundwork Lawrence's Earth Day, Comcast Cares Day. 


For those of you planning on attending, here are the event details:


When: Saturday April 27 8-1


Where: Campagnone Common in Lawrence for beginning and end of day, other sites


What: The day will begin at Campagnone Common for registration, breakfast, site assignment and brief welcome remarks. Volunteers will then take a bus, walk  or drive to their sites for cleaning and beautification projects. Lunch celebration will begin at noon back at Campagnone Common. 


What to Wear: Work pants, light jacket, closed toe shoes. We will provide event t-shirts and work gloves


What to Bring: Water, sunscreen, hat, filled out volunteer waiver (you may also fill one out the day of the event)


Click here for a waiver  in English >>

Click here for a waiver in Spanish >>


Where to Park 

Free street parking is available:

Common Street (Lawrence St. to Jackson St.)

Jackson Street (Haverhill St. to Common St.)

Haverhill Street (Jackson St. to Lawrence St.)  


Free parking in lots is available:

Senior Center (155 Haverhill St.) 

Episcopal Church (35 Jackson St., lot on Common St.)

Lot next to City Hall (Common St.)

Lot next to Court House (Common St.)

Lot on Essex St. behind Court House 


Questions: Please contact  Rosa at 978-974-0770 x 7001 or Amanda at 978-974-0770 x7007 with any questions.


See you Saturday!


GWL Team


GWL Logo

Groundwork Lawrence
60 Island Street, 3rd Floor
Lawrence, MA 01841
T: 978.874.0770
F: 978. 974.0882 


This Week: Apply for High Growth/Tech Pitch Contest & Attend the Catalyst Showcase!



2013 Catalyst Showcase

Attend this Wednesday Evening!


Don't miss the chance to see over 100 student and youth entrepreneurs showcase their food, fashion, education, and tech ideas at the 2013 Catalyst Showcase!


All year long, these students have worked on developing their entrepreneurial ideas and would gain significantly from your feedback and advice. 


We hope to see you Wednesday evening in Lawrence!


Click here to RSVP!


High Growth/Tech Pitch Contest

Apply by Thursday @ Midnight!


Do you have a business or non-profit idea that has the potential to get BIG on a national or international level?


Maybe the next BIG social media platform or a new technology that can impact millions.


Apply to our High Growth/Tech Pitch Contest for thousands of dollars in cash prizes & feedback from industry pros!



Click here to apply!



Apply for the Sandbox Summer Accelerator




Calling all entrepreneurs! This summer, the Sandbox will be launching our new Accelerator Program for early-stage entrepreneurs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to:

  • Network with investors/industry experts/successful entrepreneurs
  • Work with personal Mentors 
  • Have 24/7 access to shared working Space
  • Participate in Workshops  
  • Compete for $30K in Cash Prizes 

Application Deadline: May 16th @ Midnight


Click here for more info/apply



Sandbox Summit 2013:

Re-Imagining Cities Through Entrepreneurship


Keynote Speaker: 

Robin Chase, 

Founder & Former CEO - Zipcar

Mark your calendars for the biggest conference of the year! The Sandbox Summit will feature:

  • Panel Discussions
  • Entrepreneur Showcase
  • Winners Showdown Pitch Contest

More details coming soon!



Partner Events



Groundwork Lawrence

"Earth Day 2013"

Saturday, April 27

Click here for more info!



Mass Innovation Nights

"MIN500 Special Event

Tuesday, May 7

Click here for more info!



Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center

"Networking to Grow"

Wednesday, May 8

Click here for more info!





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Website Marketability by John Wolforth of Fix Your Website Now

Website Marketability

by John Wolforth of Fix Your Website NOW



As of January 2013, there were an estimated 726 million websites on the internet, comprising more than 11.27 billion pages. That’s a lot of reading, shopping, or just surfing. Although these websites and pages exist for different reasons, they all have one objective in mind: marketability.


Marketability is not exclusively defined as selling goods or services; it means providing information, promoting a cause, espousing opinion or sadly, synthesizing conjecture and irrationality into fact. For our purposes, let’s focus on website marketability for goods or services.


Marketability is obtained through three types of criteria: Personality, credibility and accessibility.


1) Personality - Your business should not be taken personally, but it should have personality. This is accomplished by utilizing an accurate style of design as well as specific and relevant content:


• Design. A well designed website should convey what type of business or industry you’re in as soon as the visitor lands on it. Color, fonts, and structure all come into play, as well as types of features included. For example, trades or creative services use many vibrant images with before/after shots; attorneys or financial services are very clean, conservative and unlikely to contain ads.


• The man behind the curtain. Putting a face (or faces) to the name of a business often helps visitors feel more comfortable about you and consider what you offer more seriously. On your About Us/Our Team page, make sure to include headshots with each team member’s profile, as well as some personal details about them (outside interests, hobbies, etc.).


2) Credibility. Your website’s credibility is a powerful thing because it can do two things: a) Change visitors’ attitudes so they think positively about, or feel comfortable interacting with, the website; and b) Change visitors’ behaviors by getting them to complete a transaction, return to the site again, recommend the site to others, etc. Credibility can be achieved with a few simple features:


• Make it easy to contact you. Visible contact information tells a visitor that there’s a real person behind your business - you‘re legitimate and they can do business with you – especially if there’s a phone number combined with a physical address. Remember, although someone is visiting your website, it doesn’t mean that they’re comfortable communicating with you electronically. Many people do their research by looking at websites, but still prefer to pick up the phone and speak to someone when it comes time to make a transaction. If you hide your phone number or other basic contact information, you’re losing business.


• Have accurate content. Be specific and up-to-date with the products or services you offer, and make sure your About Us page clearly defines your and/or your team’s range of expertise. Offering something on your website that you no longer do can not only diminish your legitimacy, but disappoint prospects and send them somewhere else.


• Promote accomplishments. Strategic partnerships, awards, and accreditations should be listed clearly on your site, as well as any charitable organizations or community involvements you’re pursuing. These things enhance the profile of who you are and help strengthen your reputation. Visitors will often see these elements and form a better opinion of you or your business - and in some cases, identify with you.


3) Accessibility - Your site should should be easy to use - and useful. Websites that are difficult to find, have long names or confusing and obtrusive content will not keep visitors coming back, nor attract many new ones.


• URL. Your website address should be easy to remember, as short as possible and should include either your business name or a call to action.


• Optimization. Even if you’re not doing SEO on your site, basic optimization elements should still used. Page titles and descriptions, tagged images, submission to search engines and a presence on Google+ are simple tactics to implement and will help you be found -  provided you do them periodically.


• Precise navigation. Website content should be categorized and easy to find. Combine relevant content into submenus so the user spends less time finding what they want. Create introductions to the most important information and feature them on your homepage, with links to detailed breakdowns.


• No distractions. If you have ads or other promotional material that make your actual important content hard to find or read, it’s another turnoff for visitors. If you’re going to have ads, distance them from your content and don’t make them too big. And NEVER use pop-ups.


Website marketability breeds business profitability. If you consider these points when creating your website, you will be on your way.  

Morning Makeover Article by Susan Bohenko

The “No-Time-For-Breakfast, I-Can’t-Find-My-Keys, Where’s My Homework?!” Morning Makeover!

Strategies to Better Manage Your Crazy Mornings


Does the above title describe your typical morning?  If so, you are certainly not alone.  The demands of work, kids, lack of sleep, can all contribute to the challenge of getting out the door without your hair on fire!  As a Life Coach and Professional Organizer I have helped families develop strategies that make this daily occurrence a little less stressful.  The following 7 tips should help you change the way you start you day:



 It all starts the night before – Do yourself a favor.  Take 15-20 minutes the night before to better position yourself in the morning.  I suggest taking a good look at the next day’s schedule; review for appointments, kids’ activities, work meetings and communicate that information with those who are involved!  If you are working your family schedule with a pretty little 1 inch block calendar – stop!  Get yourself a good weekly planner and write down EVERYTHING!   And do not use separate calendars for work and home – those lines are blurred nowadays.  If you can get the next day’s clothes out (especially helpful for kids who can’t decide!) and prepare lunches – bonus points for you!


Create you landing and launching pad – this is ONE location in the house, like a mudroom, where you can keep everything you need to get out the door.  Create a space for keys, bags, backpacks, umbrellas, even gear for kids’ afterschool activities.  But remember, this space only works if you actually put those items back there daily!  I like to keep what I call the “To Go” box near my door.  This is where I put items that need to go somewhere else – library books, returns to stores, borrowed items.  That way I can see these things as I’m leaving in case I’m going in that direction.


Get to bed!  Too many people stay “plugged in” right up until the fall asleep.  This results in overeating in front of the TV, brain stimulation which interferes with a good rest, and getting lost in cyber space as time just slips away.  Trust me reality TV and spending hours surfing the internet will not improve your life.  Look for alternative ways to relax such as reading and meditation.  Now those 2 activities will certainly benefit you!


Identify what trips you up in the morning – see #3!  Checking email, Facebook, watching the news, kids playing on the computer or using their phones can ALL cause you to run late.  Try eliminating these obstacles.  Require that your kids be dressed, teeth brushed, and packed BEFORE any TV/computer – maybe that goes for you too?


Clean out your darn closet! – Are you aware that you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time?  Get the junk out of there by donating or tossing!   A few hours sorting through your closet will make a huge difference in the morning.   Re-organize your closet in a way that makes the most sense to you; sort by occasion (business vs. casual), by color, or by category (tops, bottoms, skirts, etc).


Avoid doing that “one more thing” – it usually ends up taking longer than you think!


Manage your expectations - Decide what you want your morning to look like.  Keep in mind though, how high you set the bar.  Come to some agreement about what the MINIMUM requirements are for you to be satisfied then work together to execute a realistic plan.


Susan J. Bohenko
Certified Life Coach &
Professional Organizer
[email protected]

Resume for Suzette Ciancio

Suzette P. Ciancio

64 Pollard Street     North Billerica, MA 01862

(978) 764-7047   s   [email protected]   s


Account Management Professional


Results-oriented Sales and Account Management Professional with extensive experience. Proven ability to identify new business and increase sales within established accounts and mature territories.

Build long term relationships and develop solutions to address customer needs resulting in mutual growth.

Successfully train sales, national, and field sales representatives.

Professional expertise respected among peers.


                                                Professional Experience


John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, NJ                                                                    2006 - 2012

New England Professional/Trade Sales Representative

  • Structured and implemented appropriate successful strategies and priorities for account development and coverage focusing on customer needs and satisfaction.
  • Maintained expert comprehensive knowledge of both print and digital products.
  • Kept abreast of market needs and trends among industry, territory, and customers.
  • Liaison between the marketing departments and my accounts; coordinating promotions, explaining new technologies, developing marketing pieces for use with my accounts.

Special Accomplishments:

  • Arranged two bookstore signings for Tedy Bruschi of the New England Patriots, bringing in an extra $25,000 in revenue for the fiscal quarter.
  • 2007 Outstanding Accomplishment in the Wiley/Professional/Trade Group


Pearson Education, Boston                                                                                   1999 - 2006

Marketing Manager Pearson Technology Group (1 year)

  • Marketed print and digital products for Open Source, Engineering and Telecommunications for Prentice Hall and Addison-Wesley publishers.
  • Worked with authors on new and revised books for marketing plans for web, national accounts & independent bookstores.
  • Organized LinuxWorld & DesignCon trade show – booked authors, planned booth space, placed advanced marketing, worked with publicist, organized booth events.

Special Accomplishment:

  • Achieved 12% over budget for year-end sales 2005-2006.


Pearson Technology Group Sales Representative for New England (6 years)

 Sold all product lines to independent bookstores

  • Prospected and opened non-traditional accounts such as computer stores and camera stores.
  • Promoted product placement with co-operative advertising.
  • Organized and ran tables for annual book trade show.
  • Liaison between the marketing departments and my accounts.

Special Accomplishment:

Worked with in-house sales systems to teach other national and field sales representatives in the PTG group.


Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ                                                                  1993 - 1998

Sales Representative

  • Sold Prentice-Hall titles to independent bookstores.
  • Set up displays, end caps, bookfairs with bookstores to increase Prentice-Hall presence and to increase sales.
  • Kept up with technology changes to educate accounts.
  • Encourages accounts to consider web presence


Special Accomplishment:

  • Helped train new reps by working with them on sales calls and teaching them the house sales systems.



Bachelor of Arts, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

French and Education

Communauté des Etudiants Etrangers, Grenoble, France



Book Publisher Representatives of New England

Current member Board of Trustees, Billerica Public Library, Billerica, MA

Co-Chair Soup Kitchen Committee, Trinity Church, Concord, MA



Northern Business Machines - Is Managed IT Services the Solution for your organization

Is Managed IT Services the solution for your organization?

Managed IT Services from NBM is a revolutionary approach to managing your IT  infrastructure.  It provides you with an insurance policy against the headaches,  interruptions, and costs that are usually associated with handling your IT needs.


Proactive vs. Reactive Support

We constantly monitor your network and resolve issues before they happen, as  opposed to only responding to network failures.

Faster response time

We see an issue before you know it exists, and we can fix it before it leads to a bigger issue.

No surprises

With one monthly all-inclusive payment, costs are not driven up by painfully long repair times.



We check the vitals of your network, evaluated your current infrastructure  and update security.


Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center monitors your network 24/7.


We customize a foolproof data recovery program.


Live technicians are always available for in-person visits or help desk support.

For more information please call Vern at 1-781-272-2034 ext 100

Newsletter from Amy Spencer - Early Bird of Paradise this Saturday




Spring Is In The Air

April 2013 

New Saturday Session

Our new Saturday Session will begin on Saturday, May 11th.  We will not be meeting for practice on Saturday, May 26th.  



Like us on Facebook  


Follow us on Twitter 


All Classes are held at The Searles School & Chapel in Windham NH or at The Windham Town Beach.


The Searles School & Chapel



Greetings Yogis & Yoginis!  

Bird of Paradise


The Early "Bird-of-Paradise" Pricing for the next Saturday Session will end on midnight Saturday, April 20th.  Please bring your payment with you to class or pop it in the mail, postmarked by the 20th.  Early Bird Pricing is $120.00.  Regular rate is $134.00.


We have had a request for Monday Morning Classes?  Please let me know if this would work for you!   Also, please let me know if there is a different day/time that you would be interested in that is not currently on the schedule.  I would love to have additional class offerings for Spring : ) 






Amy M. Spencer
On My Way Om

[email protected] 




Pangea Organics



I am having so much fun with my new adventure as part of the Pangea Movement!  If you would like to experience these amazing products or share them with your friends and family for Mother's Day, please visit my website.  They are all certified organic, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.  If you want to receive your products for free, at a discount, or earn additional income, please contact me about hosting a party or becoming a Beauty Ecologist, please contact me!



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Move = 

Opening the Heart


Listen =

Meditation, Emotional Healing, & Spiritual Awakening


Expand =

Jack Kornfield




"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us."  Marianne Williamson






Please remember to have all of your paperwork filled out in advance and to show up for class a few minutes early.  If there is inclement weather, class will be cancelled and you will be notified of a make-up class.  All missed classes must be made up within your current eight week session.



Massachusetts RMV Certified Driving Instructor Needed

North Andover Auto School, LLC

203 Turnpike Street, #404

North Andover, MA 01845




Dear Kevin,


Thank you for doing this. 


I am looking for a Massachusetts RMV Certified Driving Instructor who would be willing to work Full or Part time in the area of Andover/North Andover or Haverhill, MA. 


Pay scale would range from $12 - $15 per hour negotiable based on experience and commitment to hours.


Openings available immediately.


Please Call Michael @ 978.688.1600 for further information.





Michael J. Larocque, owner

North Andover Auto School, llc

MV Auto School, llc (Haverhill)

203 Turnpike Street, #404

North Andover, MA 01845

[email protected]